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Talked to HB earlier today and he said they had all 16 mats going and it was a little hard to keep track of!

Vacanti is not wrestling because of an injury last weekend.

Any other results?




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Rocker, you got anything at all on Brute event results?

Location: Good Ole USA
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Not a peep. As far as I know, HB is supposed to broadcast the finals but other than that, not a word.




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Some Nebraska results that I remember

Dominguez and Denson both won and got outstanding wrestler for their division. Cameron Browne also won over an Iowa state champion. I think both Aaron Terry and Tayor Escamilla finished 2nd. Jake Smith 3rd, Casey Gubbels 2nd, Jay Sherer 4th. Vacanti was out with an injury. Very tough tournament with many hard fought matches. Hopefully they keep the tournament in Nebraska. I heard they are possibily looking at a different venue like the Qwest Center in Omaha.

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Also Eklund was 2nd to a kid from PA that beat Trenton Washington 1-0. Eklund and Washington both beat the highly touted Casey Smith of Wasatch Utah.
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Is there any website that has the brackets up?

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I am sure Brute will them up on the site sometime this week. They were a little short on help the way it was, so no one was able to enter the results.
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Nebraska All-Americans:


103 Dev Zitek 8th
112 Tyler Sackett 5th
119 Tim Chavez 5th, Justin Allen 8th
125 Jake Cardenas 6th, Tyler Kottas 7th
130 Steven Overshiner 7th
135 Joe Krotz 5th
140 Zach Sones 3rd
145 Rowan Stander 3rd, Chase Klingelhoefer 5th, Matt Harris 8th
152 Tucker Bowers 7th, Alex Kubik 8th
160 Derek Helmick 7th
171 Shawn Nelson 2nd, Tad DeWispelare 4th, Justin Swedburg 5th, Mike Swanson 6th
189 Andy Mink 3rd, Matt Muschall 4th, Garret Greenemyre 6th
215 Dustin Bundy 8th
275 None


103 None
112 Colin Pfeifer 6th
119 Robert Eklund 2nd, Trenton Washington 4th
125 None
130 None
135 Justin Keyes 8th
140 Esai Dominquez 1st (OW), Kirk Mohr 3rd
145 None
152 None
160 Mitch Brown 4th, Eric Love 5th, Dewey Bowers 6th
171 None
189 Trever Spudich 3rd
215 Neil Bowman 5th, Derek Harris 7th
275 Taylor Escamilia 2nd, Shawn Meyer 6th


103 Derrick Guthard 3rd,
112 NONE
119 NONE
125 NONE
130 NONE
135 Jay Sherer 4th
140 Casey Gubbels 2nd
145 Stephen Medina 6th
152 Aaron Denson 1st (OW)
160 Tycen Gavin 8th
171 NONE
189 Jake Smith 3rd, Nick Smith 8th
215 Cameron Browne 1st, Skyler Heckman 8th
275 Aaron Terry 2nd


This tournament was about 650 last year and it was right around 800 this year for a nice improvement of 150 (on a hectic weekend) Reno and a Junior division in Cleveland and Cadets in Iowa

Nebraska had 3 champions and two of the three were OW.

Competition was at least 30% tougher than last year (depth wise)

Roughly 49 of the 110+ Nebraska wrestlers placed this year for a little less than 50%

Best of all.....I still have HB's cool Brand New Brute Polo!!!!!!

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Alright here's a little more in-depth.

Sackett lost to the Missouri state champion Holloway (sp?) on a last second reversal in the semis then lost to the North Dakota champion Hohlbein in the wrestlebacks.

Chavez beat Allen 6-2 in the consolations

Cardenas lost to eventual champ Isenberg 10-0 then beat Kottas 5-1 in the wrestlebacks. Kottas lost to Mallie Shuster of PA in the first round like 8-2.

The two Rushville kids Sones and Krotz really did well. I think they have very bright futures.

Eklund beat Casey Smith of Utah pretty easily in the semis. Lost to Robinson of Pennsylvania in the finals (not sure on score). Robinson beat Trenton in the first round 1-0, a match where he didn't take a shot the entire match. Trenton then beat Casey Smith in the wrestlebacks and lost to the Arizona champ on a last second takedown to finish 4th.

Dominguez beat Mohr 20-4 TF in the semis then dominated in the finals against the Kansas champion, Grape. Looked very impressive all weekend and definitely deserved the OW award. Outside of the match against Dominguez, Mohr looked like he is well on his way back from the illness he had this past year.

Brown lost to eventual champ Robbins 3-2 in the semis. Love looked tough, just needs to open up his offense more.

Spudich lost to Missouri champion Trever Collins 3-2 in semis.

Sherer had one of the toughest weight classes of the tournament. He actually beat the eventual champion Chris Sandy of Iowa in the pool then lost to Illinois state runner-up Winning on a last second takedown. Lost to 3x Nevada state champion Saddoris 9-4 in the medal match but beat a 2x Texas state champion in the consolations.

Gubbels lost to 2x Montana state champion Vince Salminen in the last few seconds. He gave up a reversal and some backpoints from a scramble. Was dominating the match up to that point. Beat a 2x Kansas placer in the semis.

Didn't see Medina wrestle much but know he lost to Loccoco of Missouri.

Denson dominated a pretty tough weight to get OW. Closest match looked like the semis where he beat Texas runner-up Trosk. Beat a 3x Montana finalist in the championship and made that kid look very silly.

Only saw Gavin wrestle once against Artist of Glenwood where he lost.

Jake and Nick Smith were in another very tough weight. The eventual winner, Brandvold of Wisconsin, lost by a single point to Max Askren of Wisconsin in the state finals this year. He will be one of the top recruits in the country next year and my opinion is that he was the best wrestler in the tournament. Jake beat Iowa runner-up Copsey of Glenwood twice including the medal match. Both very hard fought wins. Lost to the Kansas champ Strawn in the semis (close match). Also beat the Iowa runner-up Gordon Johnson in the wrestlebacks.

Cameron did a heck of a job in the finals against the Iowa champion, Ben Lehman. Beat him easily but I'm not sure on the score.

Aaron Terry lost in the pool to Missouri champion Crossett, then beat #4 rated nationally, Malonee of Platte County Missouri in the semis.

By the way, Denson, where's my jacket at? Wink
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I think Brown score ended up 9-3 to Robbins your right at times Love looked unbeatable Rushville had good young kids there

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Brute event truly misses Mike Carnes' NWI bracket updating during event and complete results promptly following last bracket!

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Junior and Sophomore results are up (8 man brackets only, not pool results)
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Thought I'd post these here before I send them to the boys at Brute/Adidas. This is a list of All-Americans and ONLY their pool results. I do not have the results from the last day of competition. As HB stated, you can find those at the Brute/Adidas web sight. Here are the Freshmen pool results. I will post the Sophomores and Juniors in a few minutes.

ALL-AMERICANS 103 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Seth Unterseher (ID)
Pool 2 Winner Collin Hase (KS)
Pool 3 Winner Dillon Miner (IA)
Pool 4 Winner Ryan Leonard (MT)
Pool 5 Winner Mikel Munro (CO)
Pool 6 Winner Justin Forrest (MO)
Wildcard 1 Devin Zitek (NE)
Wildcard 2 Grant Ankney (MI)

Pool 1
Nick Clemens (MO) TF Josh Berens (NE) 15-0
Seth Unterseher (ID) PINNED Cody Wark (KS)1:50

Cody Wark (KS) MD Josh Berens (NE) 13-3
Seth Unterseher (ID) DEC Nick Clemens (MO) 8-4

Seth Unterseher (ID) PINNED Josh Berens (NE)1:13
Nick Clemens (MO) PINNED Cody Wark (KS) 0:54

Pool 2
Jacob Thornton (MO) MD Blaize Steiger (CO) 19-5
Collin Hase (KS) PINNED MacArthur Walton (NE) 4:49

MacArthur Walton (NE) DEC Jacob Thornton (MO) 1-0
Collin Hase (KS) PINNED Blaize Steiger (CO) 0:27

Collin Hase (KS) DEC Jacob Thornton (MO) 5-1
MacArthur Walton (NE) TF Blaize Steiger (CO) 21-6

Pool 3
Daniel Koupal (SD) PINNED Logan Foster (MO) 1:15
Dillon Miner (IA) DEC Ben Williams (IN) 11-6

Dillon Miner (IA) PINNED Daniel Koupal (SD) 1:58
Ben Williams (IN) PINNED Logan Foster (MO) 0:43

Ben Williams (IN) DEC Daniel Koupal (SD) 8-7
Dillon Miner (IA) PINNED Logan Foster (MO) 0:44

Pool 4
Daniel Eschen (IA) PINNED Josh Jameson (MO) 1:19
Ryan Leonard (MT) PINNED Connor McCarthy (KS) 5:55

Ryan Leonard (MT) PINNED Josh Jameson (MO) 1:02
Connor McCarthy (KS) PINNED Jordon Wulfekuhle (IA) 2:24

Connor McCarthy (KS) PINNED Josh Jameson (MO) 3:04
Jordon Wulfekuhle (IA) PINNED Daniel Eschen (IA)

Jordon Wulfekuhle (IA) TF Josh Jameson (MO) 15-0
Ryan Leonard (MT) WON BY DEFAULT Daniel Eschen (IA)

Pool 5
Mikel Munro (CO) PINNED Mitch Lundstrom (NE) 1:21
Scott Schlosser (MT) PINNED Blayke Mancini (MO) 1:32

Mikel Munro (CO) PINNED Blayke Mancini (MO) 1:04
Devin Zitek (NE) PINNED Scott Schlosser (MT) 5:57

Mikel Munro (CO) PINNED Scott Schlosser (MT) 3:41
Devin Zitek (NE) DEC Mitch Lundstrom (NE) 12-5

Devin Zitek (NE) DEC Mikel Munro (CO) 10-6
Mitch Lundstrom (NE) PINNED Blayke Mancini (MO) 2:38

Pool 6
Carey Jones (MO) PINNED Michael Ledesma (KS)
Justin Forrest (MO) DEC Grant Ankney (MI) 10-4

Justin Forrest (MO) TF Carey Jones (MO) 16-1
Grant Ankney (MI) PINNED Wyatt Moore (NE) 0:59

Grant Ankney (MI) PINNED Carey Jones (MO) 0:23
Wyatt Moore (NE) PINNED Michael Ledesma (KS)

Carey Jones (MO) DEC Wyatt Moore (NE) 8-5
Justin Forrest (MO) PINNED Michael Ledesma (KS)

ALL-AMERICANS 112 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Tyler Sackett (NE)
Pool 2 Winner Daron Hohbein (ND)
Pool 3 Winner John Dodson (MO)
Pool 4 Winner Jake Tanenbaum (KS)
Pool 5 Winner Austin Schroeder (SD)
Pool 6 Winner Tyler Holloway (MO)
Wildcard 1 Caleb Van Lue (MO)
Wildcard 2 Anthony Livengood (KS)

Pool 1

Kendall Burns (MO) PINNED C.J. Faber (MT) 3:58
Tyler Sackett (NE) MD Zachary Shehabi (MI) 16-4

Tyler Sackett (NE) PINNED Kendall Burns (MO) 1:07
Zachary Shehabi (MI) PINNED C.J. Faber (MT) 3:15

Zachary Shehabi (MI) PINNED Kendall Burns (MO) 5:35
Tyler Sackett (NE) PINNED C.J. Faber (MT) 1:12

Pool 2
Brian Campbell (MO) DEC Bryce Gernaat (MT) 8-7
Daron Hohbein (ND) DEC Brett Delich (KS) 6-4

Daron Hohbein (ND) PINNED Brian Campbell (MO) 3:05
Brett Delich (KS) PINNED Bryce Gernaat (MT) 4:49

Brett Delich (KS) PINNED Brian Campbell (MO) 0:27
Daron Hohbein (ND) PINNED Bryce Gernaat (MT) 1:25

Pool 3
John Dodson (MO) MD Logan Erickson (MT) 11-3
Morgan Glause (NE) DEC Jesse Vorrias (CO) 7-4

John Dodson (MO) MD Jesse Vorrias (CO) 15-2
Morgan Glause (NE) PINNED Logan Erickson (MT) 0:55

John Dodson (MO) PINNED Morgan Glause (NE) 0:20
Logan Erickson (MT) DEC Jesse Vorrias (CO) 5-3

Pool 4
Patrick Kennedy (MO) MD Josh Harrison (MT) 11-2
Jake Tanenbaum (KS) PINNED Adrian Anfinson (CO) 1:36

Patrick Kennedy (MO) DEC Adrian Anfinson (CO) 3-0
Tanenbaum (KS) PINNED Tyler Ehret (LA) 3:02

Jake Tanenbaum (KS) DEC Patrick Kennedy (MO) 6-0

Tyler Ehret (LA) DEC Patrick Kennedy (MO) 7-3
Josh Harrison (MT) DEC Adrian Anfinson (CO) 11-9

Pool 5
Austin Schroeder (SD) DEC Colby Pedersen (IA) 9-5
Caleb Van Lue (MO) DEC Dayne Reddy (NE) 6-4

Dayne Reddy (NE) PINNED Colby Pedersen (IA) 0:58
Caleb Van Lue (MO) PINNED Corey Venture (LA) 2:50

Caleb Van Lue (MO) DEC Colby Pedersen (IA) 9-3
Austin Schroeder (SD) PINNED Corey Venture (LA) 1:00

Colby Pedersen (IA) PINNED Corey Venture (LA) 1:55
Austin Schroeder (SD) DEC Dayne Reddy (NE) 6-5

Pool 6
Brent Luedke (KS) MD Nate Stepp (NE) 8-0
Anthony Livengood (KS) MD Clint Straw (IA) 12-0

Anthony Livengood (KS) PINNED Brent Luedke (KS) 5:17
Tyler Holloway (MO) PINNED Clint Straw (IA) 1:47

Brent Luedke (KS) PINNED Clint Straw (IA) 4:53
Tyler Holloway (MO) PINNED Nate Stepp (NE) 3:30

Tyler Holloway (MO) PINNED Brent Luedke (KS) 3:40
Anthony Livengood (KS) PINNED Nate Stepp (NE) 3:50

ALL-AMERICANS 119 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Matt Noblet (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Montana Carson (OK)
Pool 3 Winner Tyler Koehn (KS)
Pool 4 Winner Cody Farinella (MO)
Wildcard 1 Ky Corley (OK)
Wildcard 2 Phillip Henes (KS)
Wildcard 3 Tim Chavez (NE)
Wildcard 4 Justin Allen (NE)

Pool 1
Matt Noblet (KS) TF Tyler Branstiter (NE) 16-0
Tanner Christensen (CO) DEC Patrick Estave (LA) 7-6

Matt Noblet (KS) TF Tanner Christensen (CO) 16-1
Tyler Branstiter (NE) DEC Patrick Estave (LA) 8-1

Matt Noblet (KS) MD Patrick Estave (LA) 9-0
Tyler Branstiter (NE) DEC Tanner Christensen (CO) 4-0

Pool 2
Justin Allen (NE) DEC Montana Carson (OK) 8-2
Phillip Henes (KS) PINNED Mitchell Smith (MO) 1:30

Montana Carson (OK) DEC Phillip Henes (KS) 2-0
Justin Allen (NE) TF Mitchell Smith (MO) 15-0

Montana Carson (OK) PINNED Mitchell Smith (MO) 0:36
Phillip Henes (KS) DEC Justin Allen (NE) 7-2

Pool 3
Jake Schalles (FL) DEC Dakota Lamont (NE) 7-4
Ky Corley (OK) PINNED Mike Kremer (IA) 3:32

Ky Corley (OK) MD Jake Schalles (FL) 12-0
Tyler Koehn (KS) PINNED Mike Kremer (IA) 1:20

Mike Kremer (IA) DEC Jake Schalles (FL) 4-2
Tyler Koehn (KS) PINNED Dakota Lamont (NE) 1:44

Tyler Koehn (KS) MD Jake Schalles (FL) 13-2
Ky Corley (OK) TF Dakota Lamont (NE) 15-0

Pool 4
Cody Farinella (MO) DEC Tim Chavez (NE) 1-0
Dillon Swanson (SD) DEC Nathan Kasting (KS) 8-2

Cody Farinella (MO) TF Dillon Swanson (SD) 16-0
Adam Endres (IA) DEC Nathan Kasting (KS) 8-2

Cody Farinella (MO) TF Nathan Kasting (KS) 15-0
Tim Chavez (NE) PINNED Adam Endres (IA) 0:30

Cody Farinella (MO) TF Adam Endres (IA) 16-1
Tim Chavez (NE) TF Dillon Swanson (SD) 15-0

ALL-AMERICANS 125 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Kendall Albert (GA)
Pool 2 Winner Ryan Halverson (IA)
Pool 3 Winner Skip VanTrece (KS)
Pool 4 Winner Mallie Shuster (PA)
Pool 5 Winner Aldon Isenberg (KS)
Wildcard 1 Tyler St. Louis (MO)
Wildcard 2 Tyler Kottas (NE)
Wildcard 3 Jake Cardenas (NE)

Pool 1

Kendall Albert (GA) MD John Christiansen (FL) 10-0
Hunter Olsen (KS) PINNED Chris Eime (MO) 5:45

Kendall Albert (GA) PINNED Chris Eime (MO) 2:42
Hunter Olsen (KS) PINNED John Christiansen (FL) 3:03

Kendall Albert (GA) DEC Hunter Olsen (KS) 3-0
John Christiansen (FL) DEC Chris Eime (MO) 8-3

Pool 2
Ryan Halverson (IA) DEC Jake Cardenas (NE) 7-2
Jeff Banderet (MO) DEC Adam Hermreck (KS) 6-2

Jake Cardenas (NE) PINNED Adam Hermreck (KS) 1:19
Ryan Halverson (IA) DEC Jeff Banderet (MO) 6-0

Jake Cardenas (NE) PINNED Jeff Banderet (MO) 1:45
Ryan Halverson (IA) PINNED Adam Hermreck (KS) 0:28

Pool 3
Nolan Meyer (IA) DEC Michael Budde (LA) 9-6
Skip VanTrece (KS) PINNED Kyle Whittington (IA) 4:49

Skip VanTrece (KS) PINNED Nolan Meyer (IA) 4:57
Kyle Whittington (IA) PINNED Michael Budde (LA) 0:58

Nolan Meyer (IA) PINNED Kyle Whittington (IA) 3:44
Skip VanTrece (KS) PINNED Michael Budde (LA) 3:04

Pool 4
Tyler St. Louis (MO) PINNED Allen Rasmussen (KS) 0:56
Ryan Matthews (IL) TF Cory Halter (MT) 17-2

Tyler St. Louis (MO) PINNED Cory Halter (MT) 1:34
Mallie Shuster (PA) TF Ryan Matthews (IL) 15-0

Tyler St. Louis (MO) PINNED Ryan Matthews (IL) 2:48
Mallie Shuster (PA) TF Allen Rasmussen (KS) 15-0

Mallie Shuster (PA) DEC Tyler St. Louis (MO) 7-6
Cory Halter (MT) MD Allen Rasmussen (KS) 10-0

Pool 5
Aldon Isenberg (KS) PINNED Eric Barmann (MO) 2:39
A.J. Stephens (KS) PINNED Brenden Leischner (MT) 3:50

Aldon Isenberg (KS) DEC A.J. Stephens (KS) 7-2
Tyler Kottas (NE) PINNED Brenden Leischner (MT) 1:39

Aldon Isenberg (KS) PINNED Brenden Leischner (MT) 3:23
Tyler Kottas (NE) PINNED Eric Barmann (MO) 4:33

Aldon Isenberg (KS) DEC Tyler Kottas (NE) 5-2
A.J. Stephens (KS) MD Eric Barmann (MO) 11-1

ALL-AMERICANS 130 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Jake Salazar (UT)
Pool 2 Winner Lee Helbig (MI)
Wildcard 1 Daniel Coffey (CO)
Wildcard 2 Lucas Roth (IL)
Wildcard 3 Joe Roberts (MO)
Wildcard 4 Tanner Shaffer (MO)
Wildcard 5 Steven Overshiner (NE)
Wildcard 6 Neil Bechel (LA)

Jake Salazar (UT) PINNED Daniel Coffey (CO) 3:02
Shaffer (MO) DEC Neil Bechel (LA) 6-0

Daniel Coffey (CO) DEC Tanner Shaffer (MO) 8-6
Jake Salazar (UT) PINNED Neil Bechel (LA) 0:56

Daniel Coffey (CO) PINNED Neil Bechel (LA) 0:15
Jake Salazar (UT) PINNED Tanner Shaffer (MO) 0:37

Pool 2
Steven Overshiner (NE) PINNED Peter Morreale III (LA) 0:40
Lee Helbig (MI) DEC Lucas Roth (IL) 9-7

Lucas Roth (IL) PINNED Peter Morreale III (LA) 0:44
Lee Helbig (MI) PINNED Joe Roberts (MO) 1:56

Lee Helbig (MI) PINNED Peter Morreale III (LA) 2:08
Joe Roberts (MO) DEC Steven Overshiner (NE) 11-10

Joe Roberts (MO) TF Peter Morreale III (LA) 20-3
Lucas Roth (IL) PINNED Steven Overshiner (NE) 0:41

ALL-AMERICANS 135 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Scott Elliott (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Brady Nolz (SD)
Pool 3 Winner Ethan Smith (UT)
Wildcard 1 Jacob VonderBruegge (MO)
Wildcard 2 Joe Krotz (NE)
Wildcard 3 Mitchell Stromsdorfer (MO)
Wildcard 4 Trevor Isringhausan (MO)
Wildcard 5 Kyle Yearous (IA)

Pool 1
Jacob VonderBruegge (MO) PINNED Aaron Cervin (MO) 1:52
Scott Elliott (KS) MD Kyle Yearous (IA) 11-0

Kyle Yearous (IA) PINNED Aaron Cervin (MO) 3:51
Scott Elliott (KS) MD Jacob VonderBruegge (MO) 9-1

Scott Elliott (KS) TF Aaron Cervin (MO) 15-0
VonderBruegge (MO) DEC Kyle Yearous (IA) 4-2

Pool 2
Brady Nolz (SD) DEC Tyler Russell (MO) 6-0
Joe Krotz (NE) PINNED John Price (MO) 0:39

Tyler Russell (MO) DEC John Price (MO) 13-11
Brady Nolz (SD) PINNED Joe Krotz (NE) 3:48

Joe Krotz (NE) PINNED Tyler Russell (MO) 2:49
Brady Nolz (SD) TF John Price (MO) 15-0

ALL-AMERICANS 140 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Ray Hall (MO)
Pool 2 Winner Mitchell Arnold (KS)
Pool 3 Winner Zack Sones (NE
Wildcard 1 Tyrell Yttredahl (MT) *
Wildcard 2 Chad Gray (MO)
Wildcard 3 Michael Kitchen (MO)
Wildcard 4 Aedryan Cox (MO)
Wildcard 5 Jason Drennan (MO)

Pool 1
Tyrell Yttredahl (MT) PINNED Aaron Ward (MO) 0:49
Ray Hall (MO) PINNED Nicholas Lauer (MO) 5:09

Aaron Ward (MO) PINNED Nicholas Lauer (MO) 5:36
Ray Hall (MO) DEC Tyrell Yttredahl (MT) 11-8

Ray Hall (MO) TF Aaron Ward (MO) 15-0
Tyrell Yttredahl (MT) PINNED Nicholas Lauer (MO) 1:29

Pool 2
Mitchell Arnold (KS) MD Chad Gray (MO) 13-4
Jason Drennan (MO) PINNED Austin Breding (MT) 5:35

Chad Gray (MO) MD Jason Drennan (MO) 12-4
Mitchell Arnold (KS) PINNED Austin Breding (MT) 1:01

Chad Gray (MO) MD Austin Breding (MT) 15-4
Mitchell Arnold (KS) PINNED Jason Drennan (MO) 0:20

Pool 3
Aedryan Cox (MO) DEFAULT OVER Cory Lee (MO)
Zack Sones (NE) PINNED Michael Kitchen (MO) 3:31

Michael Kitchen (MO) DEFAULT OVER Cory Lee (MO)
Zack Sones (NE) PINNED Aedryan Cox (MO) 1:41

Zack Sones (NE) DEFAULT OVER Cory Lee (MO)
Michael Kitchen (MO) DEC Aedryan Cox (MO) 9-7

ALL-AMERICANS 145 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Ben Bennett (MI)
Pool 2 Winner Slade Giesen (KS)
Wildcard1 Levi Davidshofer (IA)
Wildcard 2 Matthew Harris (NE)
Wildcard 3 Jake Wolf (NE)
Wildcard 4 Rowan Stander (NE)
Wildcard 5 Kyle Kopsie (MO)
Wildcard 6 Chase Klingelhoefer (NE)

Pool 1
Levi Davidshofer (IA) PINNED Matthew Harris (NE) 2:15
Jake Wolf (NE) PINNED Kevin Douglass (MO) 5:29

Levi Davidshofer (IA) PINNED Kevin Douglass (MO) 2:14
Ben Bennett (MI) PINNED Jake Wolf (NE) 1:40

Jake Wolf (NE) DEC Levi Davidshofer (IA) 6-0
Ben Bennett (MI) PINNED Matthew Harris (NE) 1:26

Ben Bennett (MI) PINNED Levi Davidshofer (IA) 0:44
Matthew Harris (NE) DEFAULT OVER Kevin Douglass (MO)

Pool 2
Rowan Stander (NE) PINNED Matt Tschetter (IA) 5:07
Kyle Kopsie (MO) PINNED Chase Klingelhoefer (NE) 0:35

Kyle Kopsie (MO) DEC Matt Tschetter (IA) 10-8
Slade Giesen (KS) DEC Chase Klingelhoefer (NE) 10-8

Chase Klingelhoefer (NE) MD Matt Tschetter (IA) 14-2
Slade Giesen (KS) PINNED Rowan Stander (NE) 4:35

Slade Giesen (KS) DEC Matt Tschetter (IA) 6-0
Rowan Stander (NE) PINNED Kyle Kopsie (MO) 1:40

ALL-AMERICANS 152 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Derek Heckel (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Zack Baggett (GA)
Wildcard 1 Russell Soto (MO)
Wildcard 2 Ryan Kocer (SD)
Wildcard 3 Alex Kubik (NE)
Wildcard 4 Tucker Bowers (NE)
Wildcard 5 Jason Trushcheff (IA)
Wildcard 6 Ben Giesler (MO)

Pool 1
Alex Kubik (NE) PINNED Ryan Banks (GA) 1:14
Derek Heckel (KS) PINNED Tucker Bowers (NE) 1:45

Derek Heckel (KS) PINNED Ryan Banks (GA) 0:56
Russell Soto (MO) PINNED Tucker Bowers (NE) 3:55

Tucker Bowers (NE) PINNED Ryan Banks (GA) 4:55
Russell Soto (MO) PINNED Alex Kubik (NE) 3:10

Russell Soto (MO) PINNED Ryan Banks (GA) 1:56
Derek Heckel (KS) DEFAULT OVER Alex Kubik (NE)

Pool 2
Zack Baggett (GA) PINNED Cory Herman (MO) 4:45
Jason Trushcheff (IA) PINNED Ben Giesler (MO) 0:39
Ryan Kocer (SD) PINNED Mike Schuh (NE) 2:45

Zack Baggett (GA) PINNED Ben Giesler (MO) 1:17
Cory Herman (MO) DEC Mike Schuh (NE) 4-3
Ryan Kocer (SD) PINNED Jason Trushcheff (IA) 5:35

Zack Baggett (GA) PINNED Jason Trushcheff (IA) 1:19
Ryan Kocer (SD) PINNED Cory Herman (MO) 5:25
Ben Giesler (MO) DEC Mike Schuh (NE) 5-4

ALL-AMERICANS 160 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Artie Squire (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Austen Heidlage (MO)
Wildcard 1 Tony McMullen (MO)
Wildcard 2 Jake Ehrenreich (MO)
Wildcard 3 Cory Lems (SD)
Wildcard 4 John Rehagen (MO)
Wildcard 5 Derek Helmick (NE)
Wildcard 6 Gage Deere (KS)

Pool 1
Artie Squire (KS) PINNED Tony McMullen (MO) 1:49
Jake Ehrenreich (MO) PINNED Cory Lems (SD) 1:30

Artie Squire (KS) PINNED Jake Ehrenreich (MO) 1:38
Tony McMullen (MO) PINNED Cory Lems (SD) 2:55

Artie Squire (KS) PINNED Cory Lems (SD) 2:35
Tony McMullen (MO) DEC Jake Ehrenreich (MO) 9-6

Pool 2
Derek Helmick (NE) PINNED John Rehagen (MO) 3:06
Austen Heidlage (MO) PINNED Gage Deere (KS) 2:13

Austen Heidlage (MO) PINNED John Rehagen (MO) 2:37
Derek Helmick (NE) PINNED Gage Deere (KS) 3:57

Gage Deere (KS) PINNED John Rehagen (MO) 4:34
Austen Heidlage (MO) PINNED Derek Helmick (NE) 1:37

ALL-AMERICANS 171 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Austin Hile (MO)
Pool 2 Winner Shawn Nelson (NE)
Wildcard 1 Mike Swanson (NE)
Wildcard 2 Tad DeWispelare (NE)
Wildcard 3 Brad Engel (IA)
Wildcard 4 Alex Senac (LA)
Wildcard 5 David Guthmiller (KS)
Wildcard 6 Justin Swedburg (NE)

Pool 1
Austin Hile (MO) TF Mike Swanson (NE) 18-1
Brad Engel (IA) DEC Tad DeWispelare (NE) 11-7

Tad DeWispelare (NE) PINNED Mike Swanson (NE) 5:09
Austin Hile (MO) PINNED Brad Engel (IA) 0:27

Brad Engel (IA) DEC Mike Swanson (NE) 11-7
Austin Hile (MO) PINNED Tad DeWispelare (NE) 2:58

Pool 2
Shawn Nelson (NE) PINNED Alex Senac (LA) 1:22
Justin Swedburg (NE) PINNED David Guthmiller (KS) 1:28

David Guthmiller (KS) PINNED Alex Senac (LA) 0:35
Shawn Nelson (NE) PINNED Justin Swedburg (NE) 3:15

Justin Swedburg (NE) PINNED Alex Senac (LA) 2:15
Shawn Nelson (NE) PINNED David Guthmiller (KS) 2:40

ALL-AMERICANS 189 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner T.J. Hawkins (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Andy Mink (NE)
Wildcard 1 Garret Greenemyre (NE)
Wildcard 2 Matthew Muschall (NE)
Wildcard 3 Jimmy Schump (CO)
Wildcard 4 Max Muench (MO)

Pool 1
Matthew Muschall (NE) PINNED Garret Greenemyre (NE) 1:06

T.J. Hawkins (KS) PINNED Garret Greenemyre (NE) 2:16

T.J. Hawkins (KS) PINNED Matthew Muschall (NE) 0:55

Pool 2
Andy Mink (NE) PINNED Jimmy Schump (CO) 3:42

Andy Mink (NE) PINNED Max Muench (MO) 5:21

Max Muench (MO) PINNED Jimmy Schump (CO) 3:22

ALL-AMERICANS 215 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Atticus Disney (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Mitchell Zajac (MI)
Wildcard1 Brian Tucker (MO)
Wildcard 2 Nick Kriss (KS)
Wildcard 3 Nick Blevins (MO)
Wildcard 4 Dustin Bundy (NE)
Wildcard 5 Jacob Glore (MO)
Wildcard 6 Ryan Sanchez (IN)

Pool 1
Atticus Disney (KS) PINNED Jeremy Farnstrom (MT) 0:38
Brian Tucker (MO) PINNED Nick Kriss (KS) 1:59

Brian Tucker (MO) PINNED Jeremy Farnstrom (MT) 2:14
Nick Kriss (KS) PINNED Dustin Bundy (NE) 3:20

Nick Kriss (KS) PINNED Jeremy Farnstrom (MT) 3:30
Atticus Disney (KS) PINNED Dustin Bundy (NE) 0:12

Dustin Bundy (NE) PINNED Jeremy Farnstrom (MT) 3:38
Atticus Disney (KS) PINNED Brian Tucker (MO) 1:47

Pool 2
Mitchell Zajac (MI) TF Jacob Glore (MO) 17-05:59
Nick Blevins (MO) PINNED Shae Smith (NE) 1:12

Mitchell Zajac (MI) PINNED Nick Blevins (MO) 4:55
Ryan Sanchez (IN) PINNED Shae Smith (NE) 2:50

Mitchell Zajac (MI) PINNED Shae Smith (NE) 1:34
Jacob Glore (MO) PINNED Ryan Sanchez (IN) 1:52

Mitchell Zajac (MI) PINNED Ryan Sanchez (IN) 0:37
Nick Blevins (MO) PINNED Jacob Glore (MO) 2:58

ALL-AMERICANS 275 lb Freshmen
Pool 1 Winner Elijah Madison (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Duane Zlatnik (KS)
Wildcard 1 Bobby Doxon (KS)
Wildcard 2 Vance Fogle (MO)
Wildcard 3 Mario Diaz (MO)
Wildcard 4 Stephen Andrus (KS)
Wildcard 5 Shelby Wright (KS)

Pool 1
Elijah Madison (KS) PINNED Bobby Doxon (KS) 1:15

Bobby Doxon (KS) PINNED Vance Fogle (MO) 1:35

Elijah Madison (KS) PINNED Vance Fogle (MO) 0:40

Pool 2
Duane Zlatnik (KS) PINNED Mario Diaz (MO) 1:45
Stephen Andrus (KS) DEC Shelby Wright (KS) 5-4

Stephen Andrus (KS) DEC Mario Diaz (MO) 5-1
Duane Zlatnik (KS) PINNED Shelby Wright (KS) 1:45

Shelby Wright (KS) PINNED Mario Diaz (MO) 3:45
Duane Zlatnik (KS) PINNED Stephen Andrus (KS) 3:40
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ALL-AMERICANS 103 lb Sophomore
Pool 1 Winner Aaron Ely (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Paulie Hansen (KS)
Pool 3 Winner Dalton Jensen (IA)
Wildcard 1 Nic Bedelyon (PA)
Wildcard 2 Bryce Dicus (OK)
Wildcard 3 Jesse Knott (MO)
Wildcard 4 Tim Ziegler (MO)
Wildcard 5 Billy Cole (NH)

Pool 1
Aaron Ely (KS) DEC Nic Bedelyon (PA) 7-4
Seth Goodell (MT) PINNED Jonathan Neighbors (MO) 3:55

Nic Bedelyon (PA) PINNED Seth Goodell (MT) 1:54
Daniel Reedy (IA) MD Jonathan Neighbors (MO) 16-5

Nic Bedelyon (PA) TF Jonathan Neighbors (MO) 19-2
Aaron Ely (KS) PINNED Daniel Reedy (IA) 1:30

Nic Bedelyon (PA) TF Daniel Reedy (IA) 17-1
Aaron Ely (KS) PINNED Seth Goodell (MT) 1:51

Pool 2
Paulie Hansen (KS) PINNED Billy Cole (NH) 0:45
Bryce Dicus (OK) PINNED BJ Ware (MO) 1:28

Billy Cole (NH) PINNED BJ Ware (MO) 3:53
Kyle Kelly (NE) DEC Bryce Dicus (OK) 5-3

Bryce Dicus (OK) MD Billy Cole (NH) 13-1
Paulie Hansen (KS) PINNED Kyle Kelly (NE) 3:02

Billy Cole (NH) DEC Kyle Kelly (NE) 7-4
Paulie Hansen (KS) PINNED BJ Ware (MO) 0:25

Pool 3
Jesse Knott (MO) DEC Kalvin King (TX) 6-1
Dalton Jensen (IA) PINNED Tim Ziegler (MO) 3:15

Dalton Jensen (IA) PINNED Kalvin King (TX) 1:57
Tim Ziegler (MO) DEC Clayden McKim (NE) 7-4

Tim Ziegler (MO) PINNED Kalvin King (TX) 0:57
Jesse Knott (MO) MD Clayden McKim (NE) 10-0

Kalvin King (TX) DEC Clayden McKim (NE) 6-4
Dalton Jensen (IA) PINNED Jesse Knott (MO) 0:54

ALL-AMERICANS 112 LB Sophomore
Pool 1 Winner Matthew Bonson (PA)
Pool 2 Winner Brett Bahe (KS)
Pool 3 Winner Cody Hogan (MO)
Pool 4 Winner Justin Knott (MO)
Pool 5 Winner Miles Bolin (MO)
Wildcard 1 Colin Pfeiffer (NE)
Wildcard 2 Bobby Crabtree (MO)
Wildcard 3 Blane Williams (KS)

Pool 1
Dustin Dooley (KS) DEC Scott Biggerstaff (MO) 5-1
Matthew Bonson (PA) MD Trenton Moses (IA) 11-0

Dustin Dooley (KS) MD Trenton Moses (IA) 12-0
Matthew Bonson (PA) MD Scott Biggerstaff (MO) 15-1

Matthew Bonson (PA) DEC Dustin Dooley (KS) 9-2
Scott Biggerstaff (MO) PINNED Trenton Moses (IA) 1:12

Pool 2
Skyler Barron (MO) PINNED Clay Wakefield (NE) 0:35
Brett Bahe (KS) PINNED Levin Cornelius (TX) 2:10

Brett Bahe (KS) PINNED Clay Wakefield (NE) 1:06
Skyler Barron (MO) DEC Levin Cornelius (TX) 7-5

Clay Wakefield (NE) DEC Levin Cornelius (TX) 7-3
Brett Bahe (KS) PINNED Skyler Barron (MO) 5:25

Pool 3
Cody Hogan (MO) MD Justin Tortora (FL) 14-3
Blane Williams (KS) MD Andrew Oines (SD) 12-1

Justin Tortora (FL) PINNED Andrew Oines (SD) 3:59
Colin Pfeiffer (NE) PINNED Blane Williams (KS) 5:52

Blane Williams (KS) PINNED Justin Tortora (FL) 4:11
Cody Hogan (MO) DEC Colin Pfeiffer (NE) 3-2

Colin Pfeiffer (NE) DEC Justin Tortora (FL) 11-9
Cody Hogan (MO) PINNED Andrew Oines (SD) 0:56

Pool 4
Justin Knott (MO) PINNED Bo Noles (KS) 5:30
Bobby Crabtree (MO) PINNED Matt Allen (MO) 3:34

Justin Knott (MO) DEC Bobby Crabtree (MO) 7-5
Matt Allen (MO) TF Justin Guffey (IA) 18-2

Justin Knott (MO) PINNED Matt Allen (MO) 1:25
Bo Noles (KS) TF Justin Guffey (IA) 15-0

Justin Knott (MO) PINNED Justin Guffey (IA) 0:21
Bobby Crabtree (MO) DEC Bo Noles (KS) 7-6

Pool 5
Miles Bolin (MO) PINNED Tyler Williamson (KS) 2:50
Cody Cole (CO) DEC Darren Sporing (KS) 5-4

Miles Bolin (MO) TF Cody Cole (CO) 17-0
George Petrov (IN) MD Darren Sporing (KS) 13-4

Miles Bolin (MO) PINNED Darren Sporing (KS) 1:40
George Petrov (IN) MD Tyler Williamson (KS) 15-2

Miles Bolin (MO) MD George Petrov (IN) 11-2
Cody Cole (CO) DEC Tyler Williamson (KS) 7-4

ALL-AMERICANS 119 lb Sophomores
Pool 1 Winner Trenton Washington (NE)
Pool 2 Winner Casey Smith (UT)
Pool 3 Winner Tyler Halverson (IA)
Pool 4 Winner Skyler Scott (KS)
Pool 5 Winner Robert Eklund (NE)
Wildcard 1 Michael Robinson (PA)
Wildcard 2 Randy Dressler (PA)
Wildcard 3 Tyler Chang (AZ)

Pool 1
K. C. Pescaglia (MO) DEC Matthew Migchelbrink (KS) 4-3
Trenton Washington (NE) DEC Adam Wilson (MI) 6-0

Trenton Washington (NE) DEC K. C. Pescaglia (MO) 4-0
Matthew Migchelbrink (KS) DEC Adam Wilson (MI) 3-0

K. C. Pescaglia (MO) MD Adam Wilson (MI) 14-0
Trenton Washington (NE) DEC Matthew Migchelbrink (KS) 6-1

Pool 2
Tyler Chang (AZ) PINNED Tyler Chicoine (SD) 3:20
Casey Smith (UT) PINNED Bryce Havlovic (NE) 1:10

Casey Smith (UT) DEC Tyler Chang (AZ) 10-3
Tyler Chicoine (SD) PINNED Bryce Havlovic (NE) 0:27

Tyler Chang (AZ) PINNED Bryce Havlovic (NE)
Casey Smith (UT) MD Tyler Chicoine (SD) 8-0

Pool 3
Tyler Steinwand (ND) PINNED Justin Sanderson (MO)3:43
Michael Robinson (PA) DEC Keaton Taylor (KS) 7-1

Michael Robinson (PA) DEC Tyler Steinwand (ND) 1-0
Tyler Halverson (IA) PINNED Keaton Taylor (KS)3:39

Keaton Taylor (KS) PINNED Tyler Steinwand (ND)
Tyler Halverson (IA) PINNED Justin Sanderson (MO)1:30

Tyler Halverson (IA) PINNED Tyler Steinwand (ND)
Michael Robinson (PA) TF Justin Sanderson (MO) 16-1

Pool 4
Clint Duprel (SD) DEC Josh Heinke (NE) 9-2
Jarrod Wiens (NE) MD Brady Gerstner (MO) 11-1

Clint Duprel (SD) MD Brady Gerstner (MO) 17-3
Skyler Scott (KS) DEC Jarrod Wiens (NE) 7-6

Jarrod Wiens (NE) MD Clint Duprel (SD) 10-1
Skyler Scott (KS) MD Josh Heinke (NE) 15-5

Skyler Scott (KS) MD Clint Duprel (SD) 13-2
Josh Heinke (NE) PINNED Brady Gerstner (MO)4:40

Pool 5
Tom Hooper (WY) DEC Spencer Dussocey (LA) 6-3
Randy Dressler (PA) DEC Joey Phelan (WI) 9-3

Randy Dressler (PA) DEC Spencer Dussocey (LA) 6-2
Robert Eklund (NE) PINNED Joey Phelan (WI) 1:22

Spencer Dussocey (LA) PINNED Joey Phelan (WI) 1:43
Eklund (NE) DEC Tom Hooper (WY) 3-0

Robert Eklund (NE) DEC Spencer Dussocey (LA) 4-2
Randy Dressler (PA) DEC Tom Hooper (WY) 5-3

ALL-AMERICANS 125 lb Sophomore
Pool 1 Winner Shayne Bonner (UT)
Pool 2 Winner Travis Wokasch (AZ)
Pool 3 Winner Jeffery Wood (WY)
Pool 4 Winner Rick Schiley (SD)
Pool 5 Winner Brett Swoyer (KS)
Pool 6 Winner Wade Lowe (IL)
Wildcard 1 Jordan Ewen (MT)
Wildcard 2 Andy St.Germain (IN)

Pool 1
Shayne Bonner (UT) MD Jordan Ewen (MT) 20-7
Derek Koehn (KS) PINNED Jayson Fulmer (MO) 3:30

Shayne Bonner (UT) PINNED Jayson Fulmer (MO) 2:35
Jordan Ewen (MT) PINNED Derek Koehn (KS) 3:40

Shayne Bonner (UT) MD Derek Koehn (KS) 16-6
Jordan Ewen (MT) PINNED Jayson Fulmer (MO) 3:34

Pool 2
Kent Mann (KS) DEC Marty Glassgow (NE) 3-0
Travis Wokasch (AZ) PINNED Nathan Jones (IA) 5:55

Travis Wokasch (AZ) DEC Kent Mann (KS) 4-1
Nathan Jones (IA) DEC Marty Glassgow (NE) 7-4

Kent Mann (KS) DEC Nathan Jones (IA) 8-2
Travis Wokasch (AZ) PINNED Marty Glassgow (NE) 5:47

Pool 3
James Douglas (MT) PINNED Casey Rogert (NE) 3:47
Jeffery Wood (WY) DEC John Van Velkinburgh (MO) 8-6

Jeffery Wood (WY) MD James Douglas (MT) 16-3
John Van Velkinburgh (MO) PINNED Casey Rogert (NE) 1:10

John Van Velkinburgh (MO) DEC James Douglas (MT) 10-7
Jeffery Wood (WY) PINNED Casey Rogert (NE)

Pool 4
Rick Schiley (SD) DEC Andy St.Germain (IN) 11-10
Trevor Stoll (MO) DEC Erik Vance (NE) 7-2

Andy St.Germain (IN) MD Erik Vance (NE) 17-3
Rick Schiley (SD) DEC Trevor Stoll (MO) 11-7

Andy St.Germain (IN) PINNED Trevor Stoll (MO) 5:26
Rick Schiley (SD) PINNED Erik Vance (NE) 4:32

Pool 5
Brett Swoyer (KS) PINNED Greg Garcia (NE) 4:51
Cody Wilson (SD) DEC Jordan Lanham (MO) 2-0

Greg Garcia (NE) PINNED Jordan Lanham (MO) 1:20
Joseph Quinto (TX) DEC Cody Wilson (SD) 6-0

Greg Garcia (NE) PINNED Cody Wilson (SD) 0:34
Joseph Quinto (TX) DEC Brett Swoyer (KS) 9-6

Greg Garcia (NE) PINNED Joseph Quinto (TX) 3:59
Brett Swoyer (KS) PINNED Jordan Lanham (MO) 1:47

Pool 6
Jeff Jones (MT) DEC Wade Lowe (IL) 7-6
Adam Almaguer (KS) PINNED George Faulconbridge (NE)

Wade Lowe (IL) PINNED Adam Almaguer (KS)
Stratton Havlik (SD) PINNED George Faulconbridge (NE)

Wade Lowe (IL) PINNED George Faulconbridge (NE)
Stratton Havlik (SD) DEC Jeff Jones (MT) 8-6

Wade Lowe (IL) DEC Stratton Havlik (SD) 2-1
Jeff Jones (MT) DEC Adam Almaguer (KS) 11-9

ALL-AMERICANS 130 lb Sophomores
Pool 1 Winner Trever Davis (OH)
Pool 2 Winner Brad Anderson (IA)
Pool 3 Winner Michael Sandy (IA)
Pool 4 Winner Jake Hunter (MO)
Pool 5 Winner Brett Rosedale (IA)
Wildcard 1 Jared Flanagin (KS)
Wildcard 2 Guss Lee (ND)
Wildcard 2 Chad Peck (SD)

Pool 1
Trever Davis (OH) PINNED Casey Malia (MT) 2:00
Brack Bates-DeFries (MO) DEC Mitchell Jennings (NE) 2-0

Trever Davis (OH) PINNED Mitchell Jennings (NE) 1:27
Casey Malia (MT) DEC Brack Bates-DeFries (MO) 11-7

Trever Davis (OH) PINNED Brack Bates-DeFries (MO) 0:54
Mitchell Jennings (NE) PINNED Casey Malia (MT) 2:38

Pool 2
Brad Anderson (IA) TF Jared Flanagin (KS) 16-0
Matt Croghan (NE) DEC JT Reynolds (MO) 7-5

Jared Flanagin (KS) DEC Matt Croghan (NE) 8-4
Brad Anderson (IA) PINNED JT Reynolds (MO) 1:29

Jared Flanagin (KS) TF JT Reynolds (MO) 18-3
Brad Anderson (IA) PINNED Matt Croghan (NE) 0:36

Pool 3
Michael Sandy (IA) DEC Guss Lee (ND) 7-1
Shaun Meredith (KS) PINNED Blake Ohren (IL) 2:48

Guss Lee (ND) DEC Blake Ohren (IL) 5-2
Michael Sandy (IA) DEC Shaun Meredith (KS) 7-1

Guss Lee (ND) DEC Shaun Meredith (KS) 8-3
Michael Sandy (IA) TF Blake Ohren (IL) 24-9

Travis Jones (MT) PINNED Tyler Dow (IA) 3:00
Jake Hunter (MO) DEC Nick Fickel (NE) 8-5

Nick Fickel (NE) PINNED Travis Jones (MT) 5:11
Jake Hunter (MO) TF Tyler Dow (IA) 19-0

Jake Hunter (MO) PINNED Travis Jones (MT) 3:03
Tyler Dow (IA) PINNED Nick Fickel (NE) 1:22

Pool 5
Brett Rosedale (IA) PINNED Chad Peck (SD) 1:59
Tyler Shoemaker (MO) PINNED Barry Richards (NE) 3:29

Brett Rosedale (IA) PINNED Barry Richards (NE) 2:35
Chad Peck (SD) PINNED Tyler Shoemaker (MO) 1:30

Brett Rosedale (IA) PINNED Tyler Shoemaker (MO) 3:32
Chad Peck (SD) PINNED Barry Richards (NE) 0:28

ALL-AMERICANS 135 lb Sophomores
Pool 1 Winner Trinity Perkins (NV)
Pool 2 Winner David Johnson (MI)
Pool 3 Winner Rafael Munoz (CO)
Pool 4 Winner Colby Johnson (MT)
Pool 5 Winner TJ Moen (IA)
Pool 6 Winner Kenzie McClain (MO)
Pool 7 Winner Justin Keys (NE)
Wildcard Dustin Burton (LA)

Pool 1
Trever Davis (OH) PINNED Casey Malia (MT) 2:00
Brack Bates-DeFries (MO) DEC Mitchell Jennings (NE) 2-0

Trever Davis (OH) PINNED Mitchell Jennings (NE) 1:27
Casey Malia (MT) DEC Brack Bates-DeFries (MO) 11-7

Trever Davis (OH) PINNED Brack Bates-DeFries (MO) 0:54
Mitchell Jennings (NE) PINNED Casey Malia (MT) 2:38

Pool 2
Brad Anderson (IA) TF Jared Flanagin (KS) 16-0
Matt Croghan (NE) DEC JT Reynolds (MO) 7-5

Jared Flanagin (KS) DEC Matt Croghan (NE) 8-4
Brad Anderson (IA) PINNED JT Reynolds (MO) 1:29

Jared Flanagin (KS) TF JT Reynolds (MO) 18-3
Brad Anderson (IA) PINNED Matt Croghan (NE) 0:36

Pool 3
Michael Sandy (IA) DEC Guss Lee (ND) 7-1
Shaun Meredith (KS) PINNED Blake Ohren (IL) 2:48

Guss Lee (ND) DEC Blake Ohren (IL) 5-2
Michael Sandy (IA) DEC Shaun Meredith (KS) 7-1

Guss Lee (ND) DEC Shaun Meredith (KS) 8-3
Michael Sandy (IA) TF Blake Ohren (IL) 24-9

Pool 4
Travis Jones (MT) PINNED Tyler Dow (IA) 3:00
Jake Hunter (MO) DEC Nick Fickel (NE) 8-5

Nick Fickel (NE) PINNED Travis Jones (MT) 5:11
Jake Hunter (MO) TF Tyler Dow (IA) 19-0

Jake Hunter (MO) PINNED Travis Jones (MT) 3:03
Tyler Dow (IA) PINNED Nick Fickel (NE) 1:22

Pool 5
Brett Rosedale (IA) PINNED Chad Peck (SD) 1:59
Tyler Shoemaker (MO) PINNED Barry Richards (NE) 3:29

Brett Rosedale (IA) PINNED Barry Richards (NE) 2:35
Chad Peck (SD) PINNED Tyler Shoemaker (MO) 1:30

Brett Rosedale (IA) PINNED Tyler Shoemaker (MO) 3:32
Chad Peck (SD) PINNED Barry Richards (NE) 0:28

Pool 1 Winner Esai Dominguez (NE)
Pool 2 Winner Kirk Mohr (NE)
Pool 3 Winner Kyle Grape (KS)
Wildcard 1 Thaddius Zempel (MT)
Wildcard 2 RJ Nill (KS)
Wildcard 3 Beau Pickering (MO)
Wildcard 4 Dakota Fowler (MO)
Wildcard 5 Jordan Gienger (KS)

Pool 1
Jordan Gienger (KS) TF Jared Acheson (IA) 15-0
Esai Dominguez (NE) MD Beau Pickering (MO) 16-7

Beau Pickering (MO) MD Jared Acheson (IA) 13-2
Esai Dominguez (NE) PINNED Jordan Gienger (KS) 3:14

Esai Dominguez (NE) PINNED Jared Acheson (IA) 3:20
Beau Pickering (MO) DEC Jordan Gienger (KS) 2-0

Pool 2
Kirk Mohr (NE) TF Brad Cerney (IL) 21-4
RJ Nill (KS) PINNED Christopher Hegwald (MO) 3:08

RJ Nill (KS) PINNED Brad Cerney (IL) 1:22
Kirk Mohr (NE) PINNED Christopher Hegwald (MO) 3:23

Brad Cerney (IL) PINNED Christopher Hegwald (MO) 5:38
Kirk Mohr (NE) DEC RJ Nill (KS) 9-4

Pool 3
Thaddius Zempel (MT) PINNED Travis Kuhn (NE) 2:59
Kyle Grape (KS) PINNED Mitchell Fricke (NE) 2:41

Kyle Grape (KS) DEC Thaddius Zempel (MT) 15-9
Dakota Fowler (MO) PINNED Mitchell Fricke (NE) 1:14

Thaddius Zempel (MT) PINNED Mitchell Fricke (NE)
Travis Kuhn (NE) DEC Dakota Fowler (MO) 3-1

Thaddius Zempel (MT) DEC Dakota Fowler (MO) 4-1
Kyle Grape (KS) PINNED Travis Kuhn (NE) 4:36

Pool 1 Winner Jeremy Norman (GA)
Pool 2 Winner Luke Valleroy (MO)
Pool 3 Winner Tel Todd (MT)
Pool 4 Winner Henry Miller (WV)
Wildcard 1 Matthew Gregg (PA)
Wildcard 2 Zach Hentzen (KS)
Wildcard 3 Brad Dieckhaus (MO)
Wildcard 4 Kiiedon Stephens (MO)

Pool 1
Jeremy Norman (GA) PINNED Jerry Painter (MO) 0:48
Aaron Brady (MO) DEC Brett Schields (KS) 8-6

Jeremy Norman (GA) PINNED Brett Schields (KS) 3:38
Jerry Painter (MO) PINNED Aaron Brady (MO) 1:15

Jeremy Norman (GA) TF Aaron Brady (MO) 20-5
Brett Schields (KS) TF Jerry Painter (MO) 19-3

Pool 2
Matthew Gregg (PA) PINNED Blake Fastnacht (NE)
Luke Valleroy (MO) PINNED Kellen Judisch (MT)

Blake Fastnacht (NE) PINNED Kellen Judisch (MT) 3:16
Luke Valleroy (MO) DEC Matthew Gregg (PA) 12-5

Luke Valleroy (MO) PINNED Blake Fastnacht (NE) 3:47
Matthew Gregg (PA) PINNED Kellen Judisch (MT) 1:57

Pool 3
Paul Markey (KS) DEC Cody McGee (NE) 8-1
Tel Todd (MT) MD Brad Dieckhaus (MO) 9-1

Tel Todd (MT) MD Cody McGee (NE) 12-2
Brad Dieckhaus (MO) DEC Paul Markey (KS) 5-4

Brad Dieckhaus (MO) PINNED Cody McGee (NE)
Tel Todd (MT) MD Paul Markey (KS) 10-2

Pool 4
Kiiedon Stephens (MO) PINNED Todd Abboud (NE) 2:41
Henry Miller (WV) DEC Zach Hentzen (KS) 3-1

Henry Miller (WV) PINNED Todd Abboud (NE) 2:54
Zach Hentzen (KS) DEC Kiiedon Stephens (MO) 7-2

Zach Hentzen (KS) PINNED Todd Abboud (NE) 1:53
Henry Miller (WV) PINNED Kiiedon Stephens (MO)

Pool 1 Winner Robert Kellogg (IA)
Pool 2 Winner Kendall Burke (MO)
Pool 3 Winner Kyle Allen (KS)
Pool 4 Winner Jason Winckel (MO)
Wildcard 1 Eric Gibson (MO)
Wildcard 2 Taylor Sump (IA)
Wildcard 3 Ryan Joynt (IA)
Wildcard 4 Aaron Quinlin (CO)

Pool 1
Robert Kellogg (IA) PINNED Jason Corwin (KS) 5:58
Aaron Quinlin (CO) PINNED Brackon Lundy (MO) 2:50

Robert Kellogg (IA) DEC Aaron Quinlin (CO) 9-3
Jason Corwin (KS) PINNED Brackon Lundy (MO) 3:26

Robert Kellogg (IA) PINNED Brackon Lundy (MO) 3:09
Aaron Quinlin (CO) DEC Jason Corwin (KS) 7-2

Pool 2
Kendall Burke (MO) MD Ryan Joynt (IA) 12-0
Nick Beaty (NE) PINNED Tyrel Smith (KS) 1:22

Ryan Joynt (IA) PINNED Tyrel Smith (KS) 3:28
Kendall Burke (MO) MD Nick Beaty (NE) 14-1

Ryan Joynt (IA) PINNED Nick Beaty (NE) 5:41
Kendall Burke (MO) PINNED Tyrel Smith (KS) 1:36

Pool 3
Taylor Sump (IA) PINNED Nick Malloy (MO) 1:51
Kyle Allen (KS) MD Grant Wilson (MO) 12-0

Kyle Allen (KS) DEC Taylor Sump (IA) 9-4
Grant Wilson (MO) DEC Cory Steiger (NE) 5-4

Taylor Sump (IA) PINNED Grant Wilson (MO) 2:35
Nick Malloy (MO) PINNED Cory Steiger (NE) 5:50

Pool 4
Jason Winckel (MO) TF Aaron Berscheidt (KS) 17-2
Eric Gibson (MO) DEC Bernie Nicola (NE) 5-2

Bernie Nicola (NE) DEC Aaron Berscheidt (KS) 11-6
Eric Gibson (MO) DEC Brady Hopkins (IA) 9-6

Eric Gibson (MO) MD Aaron Berscheidt (KS) 13-5
Jason Winckel (MO) PINNED Brady Hopkins (IA) 0:42

Aaron Berscheidt (KS) MD Brady Hopkins (IA) 13-3
Jason Winckel (MO) DEC Bernie Nicola (NE) 10-5

Pool 1 Winner Ross Rosenbaum (MO)
Pool 2 Winner Jesse Robbins (FL)
Pool 3 Winner Jameon Rush (KS)
Pool 4 Winner Jon Cook (KS)
Wildcard 1 Eric Love (NE)
Wildcard 2 Dewey Bowers (NE)
Wildcard 3 Mitch Brown (NE)
Wildcard 4 Greg Marx (SD)

Pool 1
Ross Rosenbaum (MO) MD Chad Curry (PA) 9-0
Landen Pedersen (IA) MD Jeremy Small (NE) 14-4

Ross Rosenbaum (MO) PINNED Landen Pedersen (IA) 1:52
Jeremy Small (NE) DEC Chad Curry (PA) 4-2

Ross Rosenbaum (MO) DEC Jeremy Small (NE) 5-2
Landen Pedersen (IA) DEC Chad Curry (PA) 5-3

Pool 2
Jesse Robbins (FL) PINNED Max Bailey (MO) 0:31
Dewey Bowers (NE) PINNED Josh Feasby (IN) 3:06

Jesse Robbins (FL) PINNED Josh Feasby (IN) 1:47
Dewey Bowers (NE) PINNED Nick O'Loughllin (IA) 2:00

Jesse Robbins (FL) PINNED Dewey Bowers (NE) 0:34
Max Bailey (MO) PINNED Nick O'Loughllin (IA) 3:38

Jesse Robbins (FL) PINNED Nick O'Loughllin (IA) 1:36
Max Bailey (MO) PINNED Josh Feasby (IN) 3:28

Pool 3
Jameon Rush (KS) PINNED Greg Marx (SD) 0:47
Eric Love (NE) PINNED Sefton Hale (MO) 0:53

Jameon Rush (KS) PINNED Sefton Hale (MO) 1:01
Eric Love (NE) PINNED Stephen Dargis (LA) 1:11

Jameon Rush (KS) DEC Eric Love (NE) 4-2
Greg Marx (SD) PINNED Stephen Dargis (LA) 1:59

Jameon Rush (KS) PINNED Stephen Dargis (LA) 0:12
Greg Marx (SD) PINNED Sefton Hale (MO) 4:35

Pool 4
Jon Cook (KS) DEC Kyle Wilkerson (MO) 12-6
Mitch Brown (NE) PINNED Kyle Campbell (MO) 5:41

Jon Cook (KS) PINNED Mitch Brown (NE) 5:24
Scott Soukup (IA) DEC Kyle Campbell (MO) 6-5

Jon Cook (KS) PINNED Kyle Campbell (MO) 1:55
Kyle Wilkerson (MO) DEC Scott Soukup (IA) 6-2

Jon Cook (KS) DEC Scott Soukup (IA) 5-2
Mitch Brown (NE) PINNED Kyle Wilkerson (MO) 0:37

ALL-AMERICANS 171 lb Sophomores
Pool 1 Winner Donald Woods (MO)
Pool 2 Winner David Michaut (SD)
Wildcard 1 Tyson Campbell (MO)
Wildcard 2 Jason Kingsolver (MO)
Wildcard 3 Zach Joslyn (SD)
Wildcard 4 Ryan Fetherston (MT)
Wildcard 5 Tylor Pilcher (IA)
Wildcard 6 Jed Mamie (KS)

Pool 1
Jason Kingsolver (MO) PINNED Ryan Fetherston (MT) 1:04
Donald Woods (MO) MD Brock Bonnicksen (IA) 13-3

Ryan Fetherston (MT) PINNED Brock Bonnicksen (IA) 3:41
Donald Woods (MO) DEC Zach Joslyn (SD) 5-2

Donald Woods (MO) DEC Ryan Fetherston (MT) 8-7
Zach Joslyn (SD) DEC Jason Kingsolver (MO) 14-7

Zach Joslyn (SD) DEC Ryan Fetherston (MT) 7-2
Jason Kingsolver (MO) PINNED Brock Bonnicksen (IA) 1:35

Pool 2
Tylor Pilcher (IA) PINNED Ben Warta (KS) 1:43
Tyson Campbell (MO) TF Jeremy Bland (MO) 15-0
David Michaut (SD) PINNED Jed Mamie (KS) 5:46

Jeremy Bland (MO) PINNED Ben Warta (KS) 1:33
David Michaut (SD) DEC Tylor Pilcher (IA) 13-6
Tyson Campbell (MO) DEC Jed Mamie (KS) 12-9

Tyson Campbell (MO) PINNED Ben Warta (KS) 0:50
Jed Mamie (KS) PINNED Tylor Pilcher (IA) 2:47
David Michaut (SD) PINNED Jeremy Bland (MO) 3:58

Pool 1 Winner Ethan Winel (IN)
Pool 2 Winner Trever Collins (MO)
Pool 3 Winner Daniel Borchers (IA)
Wildcard 1 Trever Spudich (NE)
Wildcard 2 Anthony Morales (NV)
Wildcard 3 Matthew Shannon (IA)
Wildcard 4 Bryant Schroeder (MN)
Wildcard 5 Craig Tucker (MO)

Pool 1
Jake Guthier (MO) MD Zach Nielsen (NE) 13-3
Anthony Morales (NV) DEC Craig Tucker (MO) 4-3

Anthony Morales (NV) MD Zach Nielsen (NE) 14-4
Ethan Winel (IN) PINNED Craig Tucker (MO) 1:04

Craig Tucker (MO) PINNED Zach Nielsen (NE) 0:45
Ethan Winel (IN) PINNED Jake Guthier (MO) 1:44

Ethan Winel (IN) PINNED Zach Nielsen (NE) 0:45
Anthony Morales (NV) DEC Jake Guthier (MO) 4-2

Pool 2
Trever Collins (MO) DEC Matthew Shannon (IA) 5-1
Derrik Bundy (NE) DEC Marcus Rothlisberger (SD) 5-0

Matthew Shannon (IA) PINNED Derrik Bundy (NE) 2:12
Bryant Schroeder (MN) PINNED Marcus Rothlisberger (SD) 4:40

Matthew Shannon (IA) PINNED Marcus Rothlisberger (SD) 2:39
Trever Collins (MO) DEC Bryant Schroeder (MN) 5-1

Matthew Shannon (IA) DEC Bryant Schroeder (MN) 10-4
Trever Collins (MO) PINNED Derrik Bundy (NE) 4:29

Pool 3
Justin Geringer (MO) DEC Perrin Duke (LA) 4-1
Daniel Borchers (IA) PINNED Nicholas Bowman (MO) 2:57

Daniel Borchers (IA) PINNED Perrin Duke (LA) 1:28
Trever Spudich (NE) PINNED Nicholas Bowman (MO) 2:22

Nicholas Bowman (MO) PINNED Perrin Duke (LA) 3:56
Trever Spudich (NE) PINNED Justin Geringer (MO) 3:55

Trever Spudich (NE) PINNED Perrin Duke (LA)
Daniel Borchers (IA) PINNED Justin Geringer (MO) 0:46

ALL-AMERICANS - 215 LB Sophomore
Pool 1 Winner Michael Hammer (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Brennon Wilger (KS)
Wildcard 1 Steven Foster (KS)
Wildcard 2 Neil Bowman (NE)
Wildcard 3 Derek Harris (NE)
Wildcard 4 Robert Isola (FL)
Wildcard 5 Robert Norris (IL)
Wildcard 6 Brad Aten (MO)

Pool 1
Steven Foster (KS) DEC Robert Isola (FL) 8-4
Michael Hammer (KS) PINNED Matt Neal (MO) 1:24

Robert Isola (FL) PINNED Matt Neal (MO) 0:59
Michael Hammer (KS) PINNED Faron Klingelhoefer (NE) 5:13

Michael Hammer (KS) PINNED Robert Isola (FL) 5:18
Steven Foster (KS) MD Faron Klingelhoefer (NE) 12-1

Robert Isola (FL) DEC Faron Klingelhoefer (NE) 6-4
Steven Foster (KS) PINNED Matt Neal (MO) 0:24

Pool 2
Robert Norris (IL) PINNED Davis Verrette (KS) 5:50
Brennon Wilger (KS) MD Neil Bowman (NE) 14-2
Derek Harris (NE) PINNED Brad Aten (MO) 5:23

Brennon Wilger (KS) PINNED Robert Norris (IL) 3:05
Derek Harris (NE) DEC Davis Verrette (KS) 8-5
Neil Bowman (NE) MD Brad Aten (MO) 13-3

Neil Bowman (NE) PINNED Robert Norris (IL) 1:39
Brad Aten (MO) DEC Davis Verrette (KS) 5-2
Brennon Wilger (KS) DEC Derek Harris (NE) 6-1

Pool 1 Winner Cody Beck (MO)
Pool 2 Winner Matt McKinney (MO)
Pool 3 Winner Taylor Escamilla (NE)
Wildcard 1 Derek Gard (SD)
Wildcard 2 Shawn Meyer (NE)
Wildcard 3 Nate Knepp (PA)
Wildcard 4 Matt Schnittgen (MT)
Wildcard 5 Charlie Shively (KS)

Pool 1
Cody Beck (MO) PINNED Joey Romeo (TX) 0:22
Shawn Meyer (NE) PINNED Joshua Plowman (MO) 3:36

Shawn Meyer (NE) PINNED Joey Romeo (TX) 2:54
Charlie Shively (KS) DEC Joshua Plowman (MO) 3-0

Joshua Plowman (MO) PINNED Joey Romeo (TX) 3:37
Cody Beck (MO) PINNED Charlie Shively (KS) 0:32

Charlie Shively (KS) PINNED Joey Romeo (TX) 1:21
Cody Beck (MO) DEC Shawn Meyer (NE) 7-0

Pool 2
Matt McKinney (MO) PINNED Nate Knepp (PA) 4:14
Brandon Curbow (MO) PINNED Jake Crone (NE) 1:05

Nate Knepp (PA) PINNED Jake Crone (NE) 0:41
Matt Schnittgen (MT) PINNED Brandon Curbow (MO) 1:31

Nate Knepp (PA) PINNED Brandon Curbow (MO) 3:54
Matt McKinney (MO) DEC Matt Schnittgen (MT) 2-0

Matt Schnittgen (MT) DEC Nate Knepp (PA) 9-3
Matt McKinney (MO) PINNED Jake Crone (NE) 0:20

Pool 3
Ivan Muller (LA) PINNED Tyler Linder (MO) 3:32
Taylor Escamilla (NE) DEC David Breeden (MO) 4-3

Taylor Escamilla (NE) DEC Ivan Muller (LA) 7-3
David Breeden (MO) DEC Derek Gard (SD) 6-4

David Breeden (MO) DEC Ivan Muller (LA) 3-2
Derek Gard (SD) PINNED Tyler Linder (MO) 2:18

Derek Gard (SD) PINNED Ivan Muller (LA)
Taylor Escamilla (NE) PINNED Tyler Linder (MO) 1:18
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Pool 1 Winner Matt Rein (KS)
Pool 2 Winner David Staines (LA)
Wildcard 1 Jake Wightman (MO)
Wildcard 2 Derrick Guthard (NE)
Wildcard 3 Dante Rogers (KS)
Wildcard 4 Brett King (IN)
Wildcard 5 Sam Martell (MO)
Wildcard 6 Zak Shalabi (MO)

Pool 1
Brett King (IN) PINNED Seth Felber (NE)
Matt Rein (KS) DEC Jake Wightman (MO) 12-5

Jake Wightman (MO) PINNED Seth Felber (NE)
Matt Rein (KS) PINNED Brett King (IN)

Matt Rein (KS) PINNED Seth Felber (NE)
Jake Wightman (MO) TF Brett King (IN) 16-1

Pool 2
David Staines (LA) MD Sam Martell (MO) 13-3
Dante Rogers (KS) DEC Zak Shalabi (MO) 9-3

David Staines (LA) DEC Dante Rogers (KS) 6-5
Derrick Guthard (NE) PINNED Zak Shalabi (MO)

David Staines (LA) PINNED Zak Shalabi (MO)
Derrick Guthard (NE) MD Sam Martell (MO) 14-4

David Staines (LA) DEC Derrick Guthard (NE) 2-0
Dante Rogers (KS) PINNED Sam Martell (MO)

Pool 1 Winner Billy Chamberlain (PA)
Pool 2 Winner Aron Baltierra (CO)
Pool 3 Winner Justin Shafranich (PA)
Pool 4 Winner Tony Pescaglia (MO)
Wildcard 1 Larry Perez (KS)
Wildcard 2 Jerry Harker (OK)
Wildcard 3 James Nicholson (IA)
Wildcard 4 Nick Velliquette (MO)

Pool 1
Billy Chamberlain (PA) DEC James Nicholson (IA) 2-0
Reid Garcia (MO) DEC Josh Baldwin (SD) 7-0

Billy Chamberlain (PA) DEC Reid Garcia (MO) 5-0
James Nicholson (IA) PINNED Josh Baldwin (SD) 4:31

Billy Chamberlain (PA) PINNED Josh Baldwin (SD) 3:35
James Nicholson (IA) DEC Reid Garcia (MO) 4-3

Pool 2
Egan Black (MO) DEC Sean Ellibee (TX) 9-7
Aron Baltierra (CO) DEC Nick Velliquette (MO) 9-2

Nick Velliquette (MO) DEC Sean Ellibee (TX) 8-2
Aron Baltierra (CO) MD Egan Black (MO) 11-1

Aron Baltierra (CO) PINNED Sean Ellibee (TX) 2:57
Nick Velliquette (MO) DEC Egan Black (MO) 12-5

Pool 3
Larry Perez (KS) PINNED Craig Addison (MO) 0:16
Justin Shafranich (PA) TF Pete Iwen (MO) 18-2

Justin Shafranich (PA) MD Craig Addison (MO) 13-3
Larry Perez (KS) PINNED Pete Iwen (MO) 2:02

Pete Iwen (MO) PINNED Craig Addison (MO)
Justin Shafranich (PA) DEC Larry Perez (KS) 10-8

Pool 4
Tony Pescaglia (MO) MD Jerry Harker (OK) 12-2
Joel Torpy (NE) PINNED Chris Larsen (KS) 3:00

Jerry Harker (OK) PINNED Joel Torpy (NE) 2:04
Tony Pescaglia (MO) PINNED Chris Larsen (KS) 2:09

Jerry Harker (OK) PINNED Chris Larsen (KS) 2:18
Tony Pescaglia (MO) PINNED Joel Torpy (NE) 0:48

Pool 1 Winner Jeffrey Rau (IA)
Pool 2 Winner Clay Madden (KS)
Pool 3 Winner Nick Shumate (KS)
Wildcard 1 Kenneth Livengood (KS)
Wildcard 2 Mark Beatty (IA)
Wildcard 3 Kyle Caswell (MO)
Wildcard 4 Tommy Wilson (MO)
Wildcard 5 Grant Ruge (IA)

Pool 1
Jeffrey Rau (IA) MD Chad Ravannack (LA) 10-0
Grant Ruge (IA) DEC Nick Gardner (MO) 9-4

Jeffrey Rau (IA) MD Grant Ruge (IA) 11-0
Mitchell Schroeder (NV) PINNED Nick Gardner (MO) 5:16

Jeffrey Rau (IA) MD Nick Gardner (MO) 13-1
Chad Ravannack (LA) DEC Mitchell Schroeder (NV) 5-3

Jeffrey Rau (IA) DEC Mitchell Schroeder (NV) 8-3
Grant Ruge (IA) DEC Chad Ravannack (LA) 5-2

Pool 2
Kenneth Livengood (KS) PINNED Tyson Donovan (SD) 3:25
Kyle Caswell (MO) PINNED Michael Wells (IA) 1:12

Tyson Donovan (SD) PINNED Michael Wells (IA) 1:20
Clay Madden (KS) DEC Kyle Caswell (MO) 8-2

Kyle Caswell (MO) DEC Tyson Donovan (SD) 5-4
Clay Madden (KS) DEC Kenneth Livengood (KS) 11-5

Clay Madden (KS) PINNED Tyson Donovan (SD) 4:42
Kenneth Livengood (KS) PINNED Michael Wells (IA) 1:10

Pool 3
Mark Beatty (IA) PINNED Jae Torpy (NE) 1:00
Tommy Wilson (MO) DEC Zac Ansaldo (KS) 10-8

Tommy Wilson (MO) PINNED Jae Torpy (NE) 2:30
Nick Shumate (KS) TF Zac Ansaldo (KS) 17-0

Jae Torpy (NE) PINNED Zac Ansaldo (KS) 2:00
Nick Shumate (KS) DEC Mark Beatty (IA) 9-3

Nick Shumate (KS) PINNED Jae Torpy (NE) 1:32
Mark Beatty (IA) TF Tommy Wilson (MO) 16-1

Pool 1 Winner Tristen Deshazer (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Mario Morgan (IL)
Pool 3 Winner Derek Bomstad (MN)
Pool 4 Winner Josh Montgomery (SD)
Pool 5 Winner Adam Everson (SD)
Wildcard 1 Dylan Loyd (KS)
Wildcard 2 Brandon Low (HI)
Wildcard 3 Cory Lemery (MO)

Pool 1
Tyler Baker (KS) DEC Bradley Gustafson (IA) 4-2
Tristen Deshazer (KS) PINNED Ryan Bartley (NE) 1:16

Ryan Bartley (NE) DEC Bradley Gustafson (IA) 6-2
Tristen Deshazer (KS) DEC Tyler Baker (KS) 11-4

Tristen Deshazer (KS) PINNED Bradley Gustafson (IA) 2:00
Tyler Baker (KS) DEC Ryan Bartley (NE) 9-2

Pool 2
Kyle Swineford (PA) MD Sean Kelly (MO) 11-2
Mario Morgan (IL) DEC Brandon Low (HI) 10-9

Mario Morgan (IL) PINNED Sean Kelly (MO) 2:46
Brandon Low (HI) DEC Kyle Swineford (PA) 5-2

Brandon Low (HI) PINNED Sean Kelly (MO) 4:00
Mario Morgan (IL) TF Kyle Swineford (PA) 20-5

Pool 3
Lorenzo Mundy (KS) DEC Samuel Vice (NE) 11-9
Derek Bomstad (MN) PINNED Hardy Rene Friely (MO) 1:49

Lorenzo Mundy (KS) PINNED Hardy Rene Friely (MO) 2:38
Derek Bomstad (MN) TF Samuel Vice (NE) 18-2

Derek Bomstad (MN) PINNED Lorenzo Mundy (KS) 1:00
Samuel Vice (NE) DEC Hardy Rene Friely (MO) 7-1

Pool 4
Cory Lemery (MO) PINNED Brett Kent (GA) 3:31
Josh Montgomery (SD) PINNED Cody Dennis (NE) 4:47

Cory Lemery (MO) DEC Cody Dennis (NE) 8-5
Josh Montgomery (SD) DEC Dylan Loyd (KS) 5-3

Josh Montgomery (SD) DEC Cory Lemery (MO) 7-2
Dylan Loyd (KS) PINNED Brett Kent (GA) 1:00

Dylan Loyd (KS) MD Cory Lemery (MO) 11-3
Cody Dennis (NE) DEC Brett Kent (GA) 10-5

Pool 5
Adam Everson (SD) DEC Kellen McKim (NE) 10-6
Asa Shaffer (MO) DEC Brian Umstattd (IL) 14-7

Kellen McKim (NE) DEC Asa Shaffer (MO) 4-1
Brian Umstattd (IL) DEC Tanner Utley (IA) 2-1

Brian Umstattd (IL) DEC Kellen McKim (NE) 3-2
Adam Everson (SD) DEC Tanner Utley (IA) 6-0

Kellen McKim (NE) DEC Tanner Utley (IA) 4-3
Adam Everson (SD) MD Asa Shaffer (MO) 13-0

Pool 1 Winner Taiten Weatherbee (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Austin Jonas (KS)
Pool 3 Winner David Schiley (SD)
Pool 4 Winner Tim Troutman (MT)
Pool 5 Winner Sean Flynn (KS)
Wildcard 1 Nick Nothern (KS)
Wildcard 2 Mitch Trahan (LA)
Wildcard 3 Bryan Sundall (IA)

Pool 1
Bryan Sundall (IA) PINNED James Meyer (MO) 0:30
Taiten Weatherbee (KS) PINNED Justin Theobald (WI) 2:35

Justin Theobald (WI) PINNED James Meyer (MO) 1:49
Taiten Weatherbee (KS) DEC Bryan Sundall (IA) 6-0

Taiten Weatherbee (KS) PINNED James Meyer (MO) 0:40
Bryan Sundall (IA) MD Justin Theobald (WI) 16-2

Pool 2
Robert McMickell (NE) PINNED Dakota Cashatt (MO) 3:35
Austin Jonas (KS) PINNED Victor Grimaldo (OH) 3:04

Robert McMickell (NE) TF Victor Grimaldo (OH) 15-0
Austin Jonas (KS) TF Dakota Cashatt (MO) 17-0

Austin Jonas (KS) TF Robert McMickell (NE) 19-2
Dakota Cashatt (MO) PINNED Victor Grimaldo (OH) 4:30

Pool 3
Tyler Gilfeather (MT) * PINNED Luke Cherep (IL) 1:32
David Schiley (SD) * DEC Mitch Trahan (LA) 8-6

Mitch Trahan (LA) PINNED Luke Cherep (IL) 3:30
David Schiley (SD) * MD Tyler Gilfeather (MT) 13-0

David Schiley (SD) * MD Luke Cherep (IL) 15-5
Mitch Trahan (LA) PINNED Tyler Gilfeather (MT)

Pool 4
Tim Troutman (MT) MD Zack Morley (IA) 8-0
Justin Edge (FL) PINNED Alfredo Gomez (NE)

Tim Troutman (MT) PINNED Alfredo Gomez (NE)
Justin Edge (FL) DEC Cody Thompson (IA) 7-6

Tim Troutman (MT) DEC Justin Edge (FL) 11-10
Zack Morley (IA) PINNED Cody Thompson (IA)

Cody Thompson (IA) DEC Tim Troutman (MT) 7-5
Zack Morley (IA) PINNED Alfredo Gomez (NE)

Pool 5
Nick Nothern (KS) MD Darren Demulling (NE) 9-0
Sean Flynn (KS) PINNED Jeff Payne (CO) 2:30

Jeff Payne (CO) PINNED Darren Demulling (NE) 1:42
Sean Flynn (KS) PINNED Jake Bates (MO) 1:06

Sean Flynn (KS) PINNED Darren Demulling (NE) 1:00
Nick Nothern (KS) DEC Jake Bates (MO) 7-3

Jake Bates (MO) PINNED Darren Demulling (NE)
Nick Nothern (KS) PINNED Jeff Payne (CO) 5:34

Pool 1 Winner Jay Sherer (NE)
Pool 2 Winner Aaron Winning (IL)
Pool 3 Winner Bryce Saddoris (NV)
Pool 4 Winner Michael Gerber (TX)
Wildcard 1 Christopher Sandy (IA)
Wildcard 2 Jeffrey Slaughter (LA)
Wildcard 3 Gabe Hale (TX)
Wildcard 4 Josiah Simburger (ND)

Pool 1
Ryan Gudde (MO) MD John Kent (LA) 11-3
Jay Sherer (NE) DEC Christopher Sandy (IA) 5-4

Christopher Sandy (IA) PINNED John Kent (LA) 5:03
Jay Sherer (NE) DEC Ryan Gudde (MO) 7-2

Jay Sherer (NE) PINNED John Kent (LA) 2:47
Christopher Sandy (IA) PINNED Ryan Gudde (MO) 3:00

Pool 2
Mick Niemeier (MO) PINNED Jeremiah Kennedy (MT) 1:50
Aaron Winning (IL) PINNED Gabe Hale (TX) 4:30

Aaron Winning (IL) PINNED Jeremiah Kennedy (MT) 2:55
Gabe Hale (TX) PINNED Mick Niemeier (MO) 1:55

Gabe Hale (TX) MD Jeremiah Kennedy (MT) 16-2
Aaron Winning (IL) PINNED Mick Niemeier (MO) 4:51

Pool 3
Colby Case (MO) PINNED Cory Samuelson (NE) 2:30
Bryce Saddoris (NV) MD Jeffrey Slaughter (LA) 11-0

Bryce Saddoris (NV) TF Colby Case (MO) 17-1
Jeffrey Slaughter (LA) PINNED Cory Samuelson (NE) 1:34

Jeffrey Slaughter (LA) PINNED Colby Case (MO) 1:07
Bryce Saddoris (NV) PINNED Cory Samuelson (NE) 0:42

Pool 4
Josiah Simburger (ND) DEC Michael Gerber (TX) 6-3
Keanan Kroetsch (KS) DEC Aaron Bergen (MO) 4-2

Michael Gerber (TX) DEC Aaron Bergen (MO) 6-2
Danny Hutcheson (SD) TF Keanan Kroetsch (KS) 15-0

Michael Gerber (TX) PINNED Keanan Kroetsch (KS) 1:15
Danny Hutcheson (SD) DEC Josiah Simburger (ND) 7-5

Michael Gerber (TX) PINNED Danny Hutcheson (SD) 1:59
Josiah Simburger (ND) DEC Aaron Bergen (MO) 5-0

Pool 1 Winner Casey Gubbels (NE)
Pool 2 Winner Vince Salminen (MT)
Pool 3 Winner Brian McClure (MO)
Pool 4 Winner Jimmy Pepper (MO)
Pool 5 Winner Tay Todd (MT)
Wildcard 1 Ryan Farwell (MO)
Wildcard 2 Brock Mantella (GA)
Wildcard 3 AJ Heckel (KS)

Pool 1
Casey Gubbels (NE) PINNED Matt Mahan (KS) 5:43
Luis Silva (AZ) TF Andrew Whitsell (MO) 20-5

Luis Silva (AZ) MD Matt Mahan (KS) 22-8
Casey Gubbels (NE) MD Andrew Whitsell (MO) 15-7

Matt Mahan (KS) DEC Andrew Whitsell (MO) 6-4
Casey Gubbels (NE) MD Luis Silva (AZ) 15-7

Pool 2
Vince Salminen (MT) PINNED Nick Vandrew (MO) 2:47
AJ Heckel (KS) PINNED Malcolm Kintzing (MT) 2:33

Vince Salminen (MT) PINNED AJ Heckel (KS) 2:47
Malcolm Kintzing (MT) DEC Nick Vandrew (MO) 5-3

Vince Salminen (MT) PINNED Malcolm Kintzing (MT) 0:48
AJ Heckel (KS) PINNED Nick Vandrew (MO) 0:27

Pool 3
Semir Duric (IA) PINNED Adam Brozanic (KS) 3:47
Brian McClure (MO) DEC Brock Mantella (GA) 6-4

Brian McClure (MO) PINNED Adam Brozanic (KS) 4:15
Brock Mantella (GA) DEC Semir Duric (IA) 6-4

Brock Mantella (GA) PINNED Adam Brozanic (KS) 4:00
Brian McClure (MO) PINNED Semir Duric (IA) 3:57

Pool 4
Andy Kohn (MT) TF James Dougherty (MO) 18-3
Clint Jacobi (NE) DEC Jimmy Pepper (MO) 8-6

Jimmy Pepper (MO) PINNED James Dougherty (MO) 2:40
Andy Kohn (MT) MD Clint Jacobi (NE) 10-2

Clint Jacobi (NE) DEC James Dougherty (MO) 11-4
Jimmy Pepper (MO) PINNED Andy Kohn (MT) 3:24

Pool 5
Ryan Farwell (MO) MD Jeffrey Liles (NY) 12-3
Tay Todd (MT) MD Jared Lorance (MO) 11-1

Tay Todd (MT) PINNED Jeffrey Liles (NY) 3:05
Jared Lorance (MO) PINNED Ryan Schremser (IA) 3:53

Jeffrey Liles (NY) PINNED Jared Lorance (MO) 1:51
Ryan Farwell (MO) PINNED Ryan Schremser (IA) 2:25

Jeffrey Liles (NY) PINNED Ryan Schremser (IA) 1:20
Tay Todd (MT) DEC Ryan Farwell (MO) 4-3

Pool 1 Winner Nathan Thibault (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Michael Schamberger (KS)
Pool 3 Winner Brandon Lococo (MO)
Pool 4 Winner DW Bradshaw (MO)
Pool 5 Winner Stephen Medina (NE)
Wildcard 1 Zachary Homan (MO)
Wildcard 2 Taylor Finley (KS)
Wildcard 3 Anthony Krum (IA)

Pool 1
Spencer Neal (IA) MD Roland Fielder (NC) 18-5
Nathan Thibault (KS) PINNED Roger Knopfel (MO) 1:06

Roland Fielder (NC) PINNED Roger Knopfel (MO) 0:52
Nathan Thibault (KS) PINNED Spencer Neal (IA) 5:04

Nathan Thibault (KS) PINNED Roland Fielder (NC) 1:58
Spencer Neal (IA) PINNED Roger Knopfel (MO) 1:49

Pool 2
Michael Schamberger (KS) PINNED Andrew Magrew (MO) 2:30
Brooks Kopsa (IA) PINNED Tyler Jenson (NE) 4:59

Brooks Kopsa (IA) MD Andrew Magrew (MO)19-6
Michael Schamberger (KS) PINNED Tyler Jenson (NE) 3:05

Tyler Jenson (NE) PINNED Andrew Magrew (MO) 1:43
Michael Schamberger (KS) PINNED Brooks Kopsa (IA) 0:45

Pool 3
Brandon Lococo (MO) TF Taylor Finley (KS) 16-0
Steven Branch (NC) MD Nate Liebhart (NE) 17-4

Brandon Lococo (MO) PINNED Steven Branch (NC) 0:23
Taylor Finley (KS) PINNED Nate Liebhart (NE) 3:52

Brandon Lococo (MO) PINNED Nate Liebhart (NE) 0:26
Taylor Finley (KS) PINNED Steven Branch (NC) 5:30

Pool 4
Zachary Homan (MO) PINNED Pete Drozda (NE) 0:25
DW Bradshaw (MO) PINNED Cody Hazard (KS) 5:00

Cody Hazard (KS) PINNED Pete Drozda (NE) 4:00
DW Bradshaw (MO) MD Keith Hoskins (IA) 11-2

DW Bradshaw (MO) PINNED Pete Drozda (NE) 1:06
Zachary Homan (MO) PINNED Keith Hoskins (IA) 2:00

Keith Hoskins (IA) MD Pete Drozda (NE) 9-1
Cody Hazard (KS) MD Zachary Homan (MO) 9-1

Pool 5
Stephen Medina (NE) MD Dylon Jenne (KS) 12-4
Patrick Stueve (MO) DEC Matthew Brown (KS) 8-4

Stephen Medina (NE) PINNED Patrick Stueve (MO) 1:22
Anthony Krum (IA) PINNED Matthew Brown (KS) 2:42

Stephen Medina (NE) PINNED Matthew Brown (KS) 3:50
Anthony Krum (IA) PINNED Dylon Jenne (KS) 5:16

Stephen Medina (NE) PINNED Anthony Krum (IA) 4:33
Dylon Jenne (KS) PINNED Patrick Stueve (MO) 3:58

Pool 1 Winner David Sunderland (PA)
Pool 2 Winner Jordan Duffield (MT)
Pool 3 Winner Taylor Torisk (TX)
Pool 4 Winner Trent Zempel (MT)
Pool 5 Winner Justin Shadrix (GA)
Pool 6 Winner Aaron Denson (NE)
Pool 7 Winner Mike Morin (ME)
Wildcard Lance Roe (KS)

Pool 1
Chad Williams (MO) DEC Chris Hillgren (NE) 4-2
David Sunderland (PA) MD John Tangeman (CO) 10-2

David Sunderland (PA) PINNED Chad Williams (MO) 2:35
Chris Hillgren (NE) PINNED John Tangeman (CO)

Chad Williams (MO) PINNED John Tangeman (CO)
David Sunderland (PA) PINNED Chris Hillgren (NE) 1:12

Pool 2
Josh Moore (MO) PINNED Cody Leifeld (NE) 1:39
Jordan Duffield (MT) DEC Lance Roe (KS) 9-6

Lance Roe (KS) MD Josh Moore (MO) 20-7
Jordan Duffield (MT) PINNED Cody Leifeld (NE) 1:10

Jordan Duffield (MT) MD Josh Moore (MO) 11-3
Lance Roe (KS) PINNED Cody Leifeld (NE) 0:28

Pool 3
Ryan Pankoke (NE) PINNED Josh Grimes (MO) 0:47
Taylor Torisk (TX) DEC Matthew Bailes (KS)11-9

Taylor Torisk (TX) PINNED Josh Grimes (MO) 0:49
Matthew Bailes (KS) DEC Ryan Pankoke (NE) 8-7

Matthew Bailes (KS) PINNED Josh Grimes (MO) 1:20
Taylor Torisk (TX) DEC Ryan Pankoke (NE) 7-2

Pool 4
Michael Kusgen (MO) MD Jason Magill (NE) 14-1
Trent Zempel (MT) MD Skye Wells (CO) 18-4

Trent Zempel (MT) DEC Michael Kusgen (MO) 3-2
Skye Wells (CO) PINNED Jason Magill (NE) 2:25

Michael Kusgen (MO) DEC Skye Wells (CO) 10-9
Trent Zempel (MT) PINNED Jason Magill (NE) 3:23

Pool 5
David Huntley (MO) DEC Kyle Withington (KS) 6-4
Justin Shadrix (GA) DEC Wade Granger (NE) 7-0

Wade Granger (NE) DEC Kyle Withington (KS) 5-2
Justin Shadrix (GA) PINNED David Huntley (MO) 4:13

Justin Shadrix (GA) PINNED Kyle Withington (KS) 4:53
Wade Granger (NE) PINNED David Huntley (MO) 3:07

Pool 6
Aaron Denson (NE) PINNED Barrett Walker (LA) 0:54
Alex McKinney (MO) MD Jake Durbin (IA) 13-5

Aaron Denson (NE) MD Jake Durbin (IA) 14-2
Alex McKinney (MO) PINNED Barrett Walker (LA) 1:56

Aaron Denson (NE) DEC Alex McKinney (MO) 9-2
Jake Durbin (IA) PINNED Barrett Walker (LA) 0:27

Pool 7
Mike Morin (ME) MD Elias Plowman (MO) 12-4
Cody Gillespie (NE) DEC Nick Raish (FL) 8-1

Mike Morin (ME) DEC Cody Gillespie (NE) 3-1
Nick Raish (FL) PINNED Elias Plowman (MO) 1:10

Mike Morin (ME) DEC Nick Raish (FL) 10-3
Cody Gillespie (NE) PINNED Elias Plowman (MO) 3:33

Pool 1 Winner Mathew Koelling (MO)
Pool 2 Winner Benjamin Becker (IA)
Pool 3 Winner Mitch Artist (IA)
Pool 4 Winner Andy Johnson (SD)
Pool 5 Winner Mike Tracy (MO)
Wildcard 1 Tony May (MT)
Wildcard 2 Tycen Gavin (NE)
Wildcard 2 Kirk DeVore (MT)

Pool 1
Mathew Koelling (MO) DEC Tony May (MT) 12-8
Jason Black (MO) PINNED Jonathan Ruiz (FL) 2:34

Mathew Koelling (MO) PINNED Jonathan Ruiz (FL) 4:02
Tony May (MT) PINNED Jason Black (MO) 2:47

Mathew Koelling (MO) MD Jason Black (MO) 17-4
Tony May (MT) PINNED Jonathan Ruiz (FL) 4:25

Pool 2
Kirk DeVore (MT) DEC Frankie Jonas (KS) 1-0
Benjamin Becker (IA) PINNED Kendall Jones (MO) 0:32

Benjamin Becker (IA) DEC Kirk DeVore (MT) 13-7
Frankie Jonas (KS) DEC Kendall Jones (MO) 5-3

Kirk DeVore (MT) PINNED Kendall Jones (MO) 0:35
Frankie Jonas (KS) DEC Benjamin Becker (IA) 4-2

Pool 3
Brendon DeCock (MT) DEC Mitch Artist (IA) 8-2
Riley Lindner (MI) MD Ryan Williams (MO) 10-0

Riley Lindner (MI) DEC Brendon DeCock (MT) 8-6
Mitch Artist (IA) PINNED Ryan Williams (MO) 0:50

Brendon DeCock (MT) PINNED Ryan Williams (MO) 1:46
Mitch Artist (IA) PINNED Riley Lindner (MI) 4:49

Pool 4
Andy Johnson (SD) MD Tycen Gavin (NE) 15-3
Tyler Smith (GA) PINNED Desmond Green (LA) 2:48

Tycen Gavin (NE) MD Tyler Smith (GA) 18-7
Andy Johnson (SD) PINNED Desmond Green (LA) 0:46

Tycen Gavin (NE) PINNED Desmond Green (LA) 0:32
Andy Johnson (SD) PINNED Tyler Smith (GA) 0:43

Pool 5
Matt Winburn (OK) MD Justin Hackerott (KS) 14-4
Mike Tracy (MO) DEC Gabe Smull (KS) 12-6

Justin Hackerott (KS) PINNED Gabe Smull (KS)
Mike Tracy (MO) PINNED Matt Winburn (OK) 0:23

Mike Tracy (MO) TF Justin Hackerott (KS) 17-2
Matt Winburn (OK) PINNED Gabe Smull (KS)

Pool 1 Winner Chris Sutton-Kearn (KS)
Pool 2 Winner Tom Minwell (TN)
Pool 3 Winner Josh Marrs (KS)
Pool 4 Winner Zack Jones (MT)
Pool 5 Winner Dane Wilson (IA)
Wildcard 1 Sean Dietz (MO)
Wildcard 2 Austin Boehm (IA)
Wildcard 2 Dusty Gleason (MO)

Pool 1
Matthew Fritz (MN) MD Greg Stuart (MT) 12-3
Chris Sutton-Kearn (KS) PINNED Joey Meadows (MO) 1:26

Greg Stuart (MT) DEC Joey Meadows (MO) 4-2
Chris Sutton-Kearn (KS) PINNED Matthew Fritz (MN) 2:12

Chris Sutton-Kearn (KS) PINNED Greg Stuart (MT) 0:57
Matthew Fritz (MN) DEC Joey Meadows (MO) 4-0

Pool 2
Tom Minwell (TN) DEC Adam Stout (PA) 2-0
Nathan Reese (PA) PINNED Tristin George (MO) 1:29

Tom Minwell (TN) DEC Tristin George (MO) 5-0
Adam Stout (PA) DEC Nathan Reese (PA) 3-0

Tom Minwell (TN) MD Nathan Reese (PA) 13-2
Adam Stout (PA) DEC Tristin George (MO) 6-2

Pool 3
Andy O'Loughlin (IA) TF Matthew McGrath (LA) 16-1
Dusty Gleason (MO) DEC Josh Marrs (KS) 6-0

Andy O'Loughlin (IA) DEC Dusty Gleason (MO) 5-4
Josh Marrs (KS) PINNED Matthew McGrath (LA) 1:24

Josh Marrs (KS) DEC Andy O'Loughlin (IA) 5-3
Dusty Gleason (MO) PINNED Matthew McGrath (LA) 3:26

Pool 4
Brandon Block (SD) PINNED Jordan Haas (NE) 3:05
Zack Jones (MT) PINNED Austin Boehm (IA) 3:32

Austin Boehm (IA) PINNED Jordan Haas (NE) 0:52
Zack Jones (MT) PINNED Brandon Block (SD) 1:46

Zack Jones (MT) PINNED Jordan Haas (NE) 1:27
Austin Boehm (IA) PINNED Brandon Block (SD) 0:39

Pool 5
Sean Dietz (MO) PINNED Joseph Son (GA) 5:07
Dane Wilson (IA) PINNED Mark Kain (MO) 1:26

Sean Dietz (MO) PINNED Mark Kain (MO) 4:42
Dane Wilson (IA) PINNED Joseph Son (GA) 1:48

Dane Wilson (IA) DEC Sean Dietz (MO) 6-4
Mark Kain (MO) DEC Joseph Son (GA) 12-5

Pool 1 Winner Jake Smith (NE)
Pool 2 Winner Trevor Branvold (WI)
Pool 3 Winner Jesse Strawn (KS)
Wildcard 1 Nick Smith (NE)
Wildcard 2 Ty Copsey (IA)
Wildcard 3 Gordon Johnson (IA)
Wildcard 4 Alex Calvi (MT)
Wildcard 5 Jarrett Edison (KS)

Pool 1
Jake Smith (NE) MD Jake Thomas (MO) 14-3
Ty Copsey (IA) PINNED Jarrett Edison (KS) 1:27

Ty Copsey (IA) PINNED Jake Thomas (MO) 1:35
Jarrett Edison (KS) MD Charlie Gibbs (MO) 11-3

Jarrett Edison (KS) MD Jake Thomas (MO) 12-4
Jake Smith (NE) PINNED Charlie Gibbs (MO)

Charlie Gibbs (MO) DEC Jake Thomas (MO) 8-2
Jake Smith (NE) DEC Ty Copsey (IA) 3-1

Pool 2
Nick Smith (NE) DEC Matt Davis (OK) 9-3
Jesse Hardy (KS) DEC Jeffery Bowman (MO) 11-5

Nick Smith (NE) DEC Jesse Hardy (KS) 14-7
Trevor Branvold (WI) MD Jeffery Bowman (MO)11-1

Nick Smith (NE) DEC Jeffery Bowman (MO) 10-6
Trevor Branvold (WI) PINNED Matt Davis (OK) 1:48

Trevor Branvold (WI) PINNED Nick Smith (NE) 1:41
Matt Davis (OK) DEC Jesse Hardy (KS) 12-11

Pool 3
Jesse Strawn (KS) PINNED Alex Calvi (MT) 2:24
David Stanley (KS) PINNED Heath Butler (AL) 4:49

Alex Calvi (MT) PINNED Heath Butler (AL) 5:41
Gordon Johnson (IA) PINNED David Stanley (KS) 0:58

Alex Calvi (MT) MD David Stanley (KS) 12-1
Jesse Strawn (KS) DEC Gordon Johnson (IA) 7-1

Gordon Johnson (IA) DEC Alex Calvi (MT) 12-9
Jesse Strawn (KS) PINNED Heath Butler (AL) 1:46

Pool 1 Winner Skyler Heckman (NE)
Pool 2 Winner Cameron Browne (NE)
Pool 3 Winner Nick Shandri (IA)
Pool 4 Winner Ben Lehman (IA)
Wildcard 1 Travis Stem (PA)
Wildcard 2 Leon Delain (GA)
Wildcard 3 John Ott (MO)
Wildcard 4 Justin Naccarato (KS)

Pool 1
Skyler Heckman (NE) PINNED Kyle Smith (MO) 1:20
Jacob Slabinski (AZ) DEC Max Davis (IA) 1-

Jacob Slabinski (AZ) DEC Kyle Smith (MO) 7-5
Skyler Heckman (NE) DEC Max Davis (IA) 1-0

Max Davis (IA) DEC Kyle Smith (MO) 6-4
Skyler Heckman (NE) MD Jacob Slabinski (AZ) 14-4

Pool 2
Cameron Browne (NE) PINNED David Scheetz (MO) 3:00
Leon Delain (GA) DEC Justin Naccarato (KS) 9-4

Leon Delain (GA) PINNED David Scheetz (MO) 3:02
Justin Naccarato (KS) DEC Jun Saito (MT) 6-0

Justin Naccarato (KS) DEC David Scheetz (MO) 6-1
Cameron Browne (NE) PINNED Jun Saito (MT) 0:45

David Scheetz (MO) DEC Jun Saito (MT) 8-6
Cameron Browne (NE) MD Leon Delain (GA) 12-3

Pool 3
Welch Jarred (MO) DEC Brody Friedrich (NE) 11-8
Nick Shandri (IA) DEC Travis Stem (PA) 7-1

Nick Shandri (IA) PINNED Welch Jarred (MO) 4:45
Travis Stem (PA) PINNED Tim Erwin (KS)

Travis Stem (PA) DEC Welch Jarred (MO) 12-6
Brody Friedrich (NE) PINNED Tim Erwin (KS) 3:20

Welch Jarred (MO) PINNED Tim Erwin (KS) 3:00
Nick Shandri (IA) PINNED Brody Friedrich (NE) 0:36

Pool 4
John Ott (MO) DEC Dylan Rush (HI) 6-5
Ben Lehman (IA) PINNED Jack Rodgers (MO) 3:30

Dylan Rush (HI) DEC Ben Lehman (IA) 5-4
Jack Rodgers (MO) PINNED Quincy Weatherwax (MT) 0:50

Dylan Rush (HI) DEC Jack Rodgers (MO) 3-2
John Ott (MO) PINNED Quincy Weatherwax (MT) 3:40

Dylan Rush (HI) PINNED Quincy Weatherwax (MT) 3:32
Ben Lehman (IA) MD John Ott (MO) 8-0

Pool 1 Winner Nathan Crossett (MO)
Pool 2 Winner Jake Mallonee (MO)
Pool 3 Winner Justin Kyte (SD)
Wildcard 1 Aaron Terry (NE)
Wildcard 2 Ben Hohensee (MO)
Wildcard 3 Bryan Frush (IN)
Wildcard 4 Zach Wybert (MO)
Wildcard 5 Jeffrey Yohn (PA)

Pool 1
Nathan Crossett (MO) PINNED Aaron Terry (NE) 3:54
Matt Hollingsworth (MO) DEC Fredy Jimenez (TX) 9-3

Aaron Terry (NE) PINNED Matt Hollingsworth (MO) 2:12
Nathan Crossett (MO) PINNED Fredy Jimenez (TX) 0:16

Aaron Terry (NE) PINNED Fredy Jimenez (TX) 5:14
Nathan Crossett (MO) PINNED Matt Hollingsworth (MO) 1:12

Pool 2
Jake Mallonee (MO) PINNED Bryan Frush (IN) 3:06
Zach Wybert (MO) PINNED Brent Fiala (NE) 1:40

Jake Mallonee (MO) PINNED Brent Fiala (NE) 1:08
Bryan Frush (IN) DEC Zach Wybert (MO) 3-2

Jake Mallonee (MO) DEC Zach Wybert (MO) 3-1
Bryan Frush (IN) DEC Brent Fiala (NE) 3-0

Pool 3
Ben Hohensee (MO) MD Jeffrey Yohn (PA) 14-1
Justin Kyte (SD) PINNED Rei Saito (MT) 3:28

Justin Kyte (SD) DEC Ben Hohensee (MO) 5-1
Jeffrey Yohn (PA) PINNED Rei Saito (MT) 3:35

Ben Hohensee (MO) DEC Rei Saito (MT) 10-3
Justin Kyte (SD) PINNED Jeffrey Yohn (PA) 3:30
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Now that is some serious coverage of the event. Whoa!
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Nice Job!

The state of Nebraska is won on your feet .
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